Download Text Now free text calls mod APK for Android

What User’s Say About TextNow:

It’s awesome, no other app I know of that allows me to call any number in the US without the international rates. I downloaded it while I was in the US, still had it when I moved to Morocco and I can call any number whether residential or commercial for free as long as I have a connection. Although the quality effect even in the US was not that great, it would cut in and out a lot, but I’m sure their working on perfecting that.

TextNow has been the app above all others for me. Im really not sure how i would have made it through these last few years without their services. When i lost several phones with service and couldnt afford replacements, TextNow kept me connected. Reliable, quality service and affordable for ALL! FREE! Monthly plans are great and so are the phones and service. Unfortunately, my phone was stolen and the app with free service once again saves the day. Im so greatful. Thank You TextNow.

I love this app! There are a lot of ads that get in the way sometimes, but I am okay with it because it’s a FREE service! My regular phone service phone broke last Thursday (today is Monday) & I would of had to go the weekend without a phone, but with TextNow, I could use an old phone and stay in touch with everyone until my new phone arrives in the mail tomorrow:) great service!!!

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