Top 5 Best Custom ROMs for Poco F1 [Android 10]

POCO F1 launched 2 years ago, and trust me this one was one of the best-selling phones in 2018. With high-end CPU performance and buttery smooth graphics, this phone was a dream come true at an awesome price.

MIUI is never known for a good UX design, wallpapers, animations, or anything important in a skin that is why beloved POCO users are always looking for custom ROMs for Poco F1. So today we have listed 5 best custom ROMs for POCO F1 smartphone which are the best in the market right now.

Best Custom ROMs For POCO F1

Corvus OS

Corvus OS for Poco f1

Corvus OS is very easy to use and is famous for its efficiency. It delivers great battery backup with smooth animations, great HD wallpapers, and an overall very clean structure.

Some users have even achieved 9 hours of Screen on time with Corvus OS, with its best in class features, Corvus OS is first on our list.

Lineage OS (17.1)

Lineage OS for poco f1

Lineage has gained a monopoly in the Custom ROM market, and the same goes with POCO f1. Lineage is known for its simple and clean stock Android user interface.

There are very few (or zero) bugs in Lineage OS with massive community support in forums. Definitely a treat for your poco phone.

Pixel Experience

Pixel Experience

As evident from the name Pixel experience gives you the full pixel experience without any doubt. It is clean and has all the features of stock android with a few major tweaks since 2019.

Havoc OS

Havoc OS

Another great theme that is inspired by Pixel OS for Poco. This theme is developed by XDA Developers.

Animation Customizations, Ambient Display, Gaming/Reading Mode, Compass, and Tile Shortcuts are some features of this great Custom ROM.

Nitrogen OS

Another monopoly in the market right now. Nitrogen was also released for Poco as soon as the smartphone was out in the market.

Nitrogen OS is based both on Android 9 and 10. There are also no bugs in this one, so it is easy to use and has great forum support too.

Wrapping Up

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