Top 5 Beautiful Zooper Widget Skins You Should Try!

Zooper is a beautiful framework of widgets that you can easily place on your home screen. With over a thousand options for Zooper Widget skins available in the Android market right now, we have listed some of our best skins you must try.


Before we begin the list, we just want you to know that these are our recommendations and we at ApkWhale personally use them.

If you have other ideas about these skins, you can surely comment down below, now let us begin the list.

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1. Alloy Zooper Widget Skins

As the name suggests, this skin is completely based on “metal”. Alloy Zooper is a mixture of different themes and colors and it is really great.

2. MIN

This one looks good with almost any kind of home screen. Some highlights include written time and minimalistic looking widgets.

With a minimal looking home screen, these widgets will stand out and make a unique experience for you daily.

3. Aura

Aura is the biggest of all the listed widget skins. It contains more than 70 widgets at a time, with updates the number goes par 70 too.

With an interesting choice of color palette, this skin is completely customizable for users who keep their devices in their way.

4. Typographical II

Typographical is a lot of graphical and much less typo. This is one of the best and easily available themes of all time.

This widget skin is best for stock android, as it melts with it perfectly.

5. Flat Material Zooper Widget Skins

As the name suggests, this one is quite materialistic and is one of the best available in the market.

Replacing your old setup with this one is our recommendation and trust me, it is worth it.

Wrapping Up 

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