Messages vs Messages+ (In-depth Comparision For Android)

SMS has become a daily part of life, in all situations, an individual is always found to use SMS, whether it is an invitation, an emergency, or even a funeral.

While there are over a thousand messaging options, users are keen to know which is the better between Android’s Messages or Verizon’s Messages+.

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Comparing Both Messages And Messages+

Android’s Messages 

Google Messages

While it is evident by the name that Android’s Messages come from Google itself. It is clean, simple, and elegant with features like connecting anyone, anytime anywhere around the world.

When you are over Wi-Fi or any other internet connection, the other person will know when you are typing and when you are online. HD image sharing is also a highlight of this app.


Simple UI, easy messaging, supports searching for links that make it more efficient, Awesome integration with Google apps.


Smaller input box than the competitors, Message blocking is not present

Verizon’s Messages+

Verizon Messages+

One of the best features of this messenger is that it supports integration with all your devices over the internet. With unique features like e-gift cards and calling over the internet, it is much more feature-rich than Messages.

Messages+ is also available for iOS that makes it cross-platform and easy to recommend. Group chats are also a must and it is present in this app that allows you to add multiple friends and family members together.


Much more feature than Google’s Messages, Internet calling, Group Chats


Works only with an American number, For chatting the app must be installed on both the devices.

Wrapping Up

Hope you chose your winner, we have provided you with the pros and cons for both the apps, now it is up to you.

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