Browser Hack Chrome (Aimbot/ ESP/ Speed Hack) Free Download-APKFENT(Info) is an online first-person shooter game. This game is now one of the most popular browser games. This game has lots of users who play games online and this game is similar to CSGO and Valorant.

I have already shared an extension for krunker but it not working well, so I decided to share another version of esp hack for Krunker.

This hack has aimbot, esp hack, speed hack, and this hack working without any detection. You will always win the game, but if you kicked by vote then don’t blame our hacks. hack works with an external extension, mainly known as tampermonkey. This extension runs java scripts on it’s own environment and it helps us to execute them into the game.

Tampermonkey extension you have to add through add-ons of your browser. These will help you to run java scripts online. ESP Hack esp hack will allow you to see players through the wall. This hack mainly used to locate the player and to kill them easily. esp hack is antiban and it won’t affect your account. If you using esp hack then there is no risk of IP ban. You can download this esp hack from the below download button. Auto Kill Hack auto kill esp hack will help you to kill enemies automatically. This hack works with aimbot so you have to use aimbot as well. auto kill hack the enemy without moving pointer on them. This hack works for me and in some cases it won’t work. If you using dogeware extension then you will not face any kind of problem regarding this hack. Aimbot Hack aimbot hack is one of the most used hack. This hack helps you to aim on the enemy better than you do. This mod or hack allows you to kill enemies in mass. aimbot hack works well with the latest version but there is a risk of IP ban. I won’t suggest you to use this hack. If you doing this for fun then you can use this hack on your account. Speed hack speed hack will allow you to move like flash. If you using esp hack then you really need this hack. speed hack will help you to kill more enemies. I personally use this hack to move fast and to kill enemies or to stole kill from others 😉 to use this hack you need to activate it. If we talk about risk then I would not suggest you to use this hack. Javascript for Tampermonkey

If you don’t wanna download any extension and want to use hack with tampermonkey. Then you can download this javascript from the below download button.

Basically, this hack script has all the features and it works without an IP ban. There is no major difference between the javascript and the modded extension. Both run the same scripts and even a modded extension will work better.

How To Hack

  • First, add TamperMoneky extension through google chrome addons or Firefox extension. If you using Microsoft edge’s latest version then you can also use google chrome addons to add extensions.
  • Now after adding the extension click the below get script button and copy all the hack javascript.
  • Now after that click on Tampermonkey extension and click on ‘create a new script’.
  • Now copy the script which you have downloaded or copied from our source page.
  • Now add the script into the tampermonkey and click on a file and then save the script.
  • Now you have all done!
  • Open your game and enjoy the hack.

These steps are compulsory if you miss any one of them you might get some issues. I have updated the hack script on my source page and it will work. Browser Hack Features

  • Aimbot
  • ESP Hack
  • Unlimited KR
  • Speed Hack
  • Skin Hack
  • Fast Shoot
  • Automatically Shoot
  • No Recoil
  • Single Shot Kill
  • Wallhack

There are many features of this hack. You can copy the JavaScript from my website or you can download that JavaScript from the below download button.

If you didn’t read the instructions which are necessary then please do, because I don’t want you to do mistakes.

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