Auto Kill ESP Hack Free-APKFENT(Info) new auto kill esp hack extension free download for your browser. This hack extension will allows you to play the game with cheats using main javascript. This extension will modify the source code on your website when you visit the game page.

This hack is undectable and still working with the latest version of the game. To use this hack in your browser please read the mentioned instructions carefully. browser hack works with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. Other browser users might face some problem regarding this, I can’t say about Opera Browser. esp hack is easy to use and it allows you to automatically kill your opponents. You don’t have to move your aim to kill your enemies, this tool will automatically identifies the opponent and kill them in no time. Using this tool you can win KR and it will also help you to unlock skins and more. To use this hack in your browser please read the below instructions.

How To Use

  1. First, download the extension from the below download button, then follow the below steps.
  2. Now after downloading the extension, you need to open your browser extension settings, just click on your browser settings button and toggle to extension setting
  3. When you click on the below buttons you will be redirected to the browser extension page. You can do it manually.
  4. Now add the below extension or zip file into your browser.
  5. You have almost done, simply open game page and a pop message will appear asking you to get a license. Just click on it and it and complete two task.
  6. You have all done! enjoy the hack.

This browser hack works with Mozilla firefox, but I recommend you to use Edge or Chrome for more stability. I don’t know that this hack will work in other browser or not, give it a try and tell me. 

I already published a detailed article on this how to hack if you interested then you can read it. Download link of esp hack extension is given below.

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