How To Use Hack Script – PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile Lite, Free Fire-APKFENT(Info)

How to use hack script in PUBG Mobile and Free Fire, this is one of the most asked questions. Today I will tell you the way by which you can easily cheat the game. This hacking process requires some application which we will discuss later on in this post.

So before we begin to start I would like you to know about the Lua script. What is the LUA script? you have seen many people or me as well as shares a hacking script contains .lua extension in the end.

LUA is a language which is light and fast, compared to other languages in the hacking process. Hack script file contains some codes which are in the form of string.

When you click on the script menu you will see lots of hacks, when you click on of them they start working because string starts it work! First of all, you required some application download them the first link is given below.

Just click on the download button and start your download, wait for 30 seconds to automatically start your download. After downloading install the Dual space and Game Guardian in your android device.

These tricks only work in android devices, not in iOS. If you have an iOS device then please leave this post.

After installing all these applications now follow the instructions which are given below, follow them correctly so you don’t face any problem. Here I am using the original version of Game Guardian.


  • Add game guardian in Dual Space, because in dual space game guardian will get the root access.
  • Now add your desire game, means PUBG or Free Fire.
  • After that turn on your host file using a VPN. If you have not downloaded the host file, search for the host file using the search button.
  • Now run your game guardian in dual space, and then after run your game.
  • Now you will see a floating icon of Game Guardian, click on that and choose process as your game.
  • After that, your game will run, and you will see a menu choose memory ranges and tick on the ‘B: Bad Dangerous’.
  • Choose prevent unload to level 3.
  • Now you will see a play icon on the game guardian side menu, click on it, and choose your script. After that, your script will load.
  • After that choose your desire hack and you have all done!

So this is the best way to use the hack script in any game. These tricks also work with the latest version of any game and any mod. Please make sure that you have updated your scripts because if not then your account will got banned.


This way may not work in a modded game guardian because the icons were not the same. If you found some error while using this please feel free to contact us on Instagram.

This trick works in all the games, such as Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile Lite, etc. You do not need to update the hack script daily once in a month.

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