How To Use Game Guardian in Non Rooted Devices-APKFENT(Info)

Game Guardian is an application that is important if you want to hack any game. Game guardian allows hackers to change a specific value,  it may be money, cash, diamonds, points, etc.

But the problem is that game guardian works on rooted devices and it only supports the Android platform. Using this app you can also hack online games such as PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Free Fire, etc.

I am using this app since 2017, and this app helps me to cheat any game it may be Clash of Clans also. At that time there are so many bugs in this app, and it detects by the game so easily. But now game guardian is using its own idea to remove detections.

Which is good in my opinion. In this post, I will tell you a better way to use game guardian on non-rooted devices. I have mentioned some simple steps and instructions which will help you to use this app properly.

Using game guardian in a non-rooted device will going to be tricky. So first of all you need to know how it works. Game guardian requires Deamon permissions (root permissions), which can be obtained by rooting your device or giving a virtual environment in which GG gets the root access.

I am not interested in rooting my device, so I will use a virtual environment in which I have root access. So, first of all, you need an application which also known as Dual Space.

Dual space has its own working environment and they are the only one application on an Android device that provides root access. So in this case you can use any virtual space, I am using VMOS for an example, it seems to be okay.

How To Use Game Guardian In NonRoot Device

Follow the below steps if you just want to use game guardian in nonroot device. I have share few simple steps which will lead you to use game guardian in non-rooted device.

  1. First Download a dual space that supports the game guardian.
  2. Simply install the game guardian on your android device, then after it will do a reinstallation of itself.
  3. Now add your game guardian into the dual space or simply clone the application.
  4. After all, you need to start GG and you will see it working!
  5. So if you want to hack any game then add your game into the dual space, and then use game guardian. Otherwise, the game guardian will not work if you do not add the game.
  6. Now you have all done, simply enjoy.


How Game Guardian works in a non-root device?

It works with a virtual space app, which means using a virtual space app kin your android device will give root access to the game guardian.

Does Do Game Guardian harm your device?

No, in simple words its totally depends upon you how you use it, using this app without proper information may crash your game and might also affect your device health.

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