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Active since 2006, Roblox is a title that has proven to be long-lived. On the other hand, it is more of a platform than a single video game, as it contains different experiences, such as the very famous “Adopt Me” and “Jailbreak.”

The creative possibility offered to fans has also allowed the MMO title of Roblox Corporation to remain active and full of news. However, to correctly assess what the game offers? You must always keep it at the latest version. I understand, therefore, why you are asking how to update Roblox.

You don’t have to worry: I’m here to help you reach your goal and, in fact, below you can find all the relevant information, which will lead you to have the latest version of Roblox on your device, be it a computer, a smartphone, a tablet or a console. 

How to update Roblox?

So if you are wondering how to update Roblox, below you can find all the information that can be useful to achieve your goal. As mentioned, I looked at all the platforms the video game came. 

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How to update Roblox on PC

Understanding how to update Roblox on PC is not complex. The developers have decided to implement a simple method to do this.

However, I understand the doubt: by casually starting the various games related to the Roblox platform, for example, Adopt Me, you may have the feeling that there are never any updates to be made. In reality, the latter is not lacking, but the developers have been good at “disguising” everything.

In fact, among those who usually play Roblox-related titles on PC. There are not a few who go through the so-called Roblox Player. It is generally downloaded after registering on the appropriate official portal.

In this case, to update Roblox start the Roblox Player having an active Internet connection available. The program, in fact, automatically scans for any updates available at startup, then proceeds to download them, if any.

If you are wondering how to update Roblox on your PC through the classic programs that are installed immediately after creating the account, it’s all so easy and almost automatic.

However, there is also another possibility. You may have chosen to install Roblox via the Microsoft Store of Windows 10 and later. Don’t worry: in this case, to check for the availability of updates, use the classic procedure valid for all applications in the Microsoft Store.

  • Press on the shopping bag icon in the taskbar or the Start menu and click on the three dots icon at the top right. Select the Download and updates option from the menu that opens and eventually presses the Get updates button.
  • If there is any update available, the system will automatically download and install the update. In short, now you are aware of a little bit of all the details about how to update Roblox on your PC: it is not anything complex.
  • Alternatively, sometimes the Microsoft Store has a problem. In this case, you may be interested in going to the System Settings. Select the Apps box, press the Microsoft Store option, click on the Advanced Options item, and press the Reset button, confirming your choice.
  • By doing so, you will delete the additional data related to the application, trying to make it work again. At this point, open the Microsoft Store, you will be able to update Roblox.

How to update Roblox on Mac

How do you say? Do you usually play Roblox-related games from your Mac? No problem, I’ll explain the matter straight away.

Well, in this case, you inevitably go for the so-called Roblox Player, as there is no version of the title on the Mac App Store. It means that the update takes place automatically, just as I have already explained in the chapter dedicated to Windows.

Put simply, start Roblox, and an automatic scan for updates will start automatically. If there is any available update, the download and installation will occur independently (obviously, you need to have an active Internet connection).

How to update Roblox on Android

How To Update Roblox, How To Update Roblix In 2022, Update Roblox In Android, Roblox Ios, Roblox Update Mac

If you are one of those who usually play Roblox titles on mobile devices, more precisely via an Android smartphone or tablet, this part of the guide is the one for you.

To update Roblox on Android, go to the Play Store from your smartphone. 

  • Go to the already downloaded apps section, or search for Roblox in the search bar via the store home page. Open the app page and click update. As you see, updating the Roblox app on Android is identical to any other Android application.

How to update Roblox on iPhone and iPad

Let me guess: you have an iPhone or iPad, and you typically play Roblox from this platform. However, you are not sure; how to keep the application up to date.

It is nothing complicated. Open the App Store.

  • Go to the Search tab, type “Roblox” in the search field, press on the app icon (or visit this link directly) and tap the UPDATE button, which appears if an update is available (otherwise, there is the classic “Open” button).
  • In short, the procedure to follow is not complex, also considering that it is the classic one used to update applications on iPhone and iPad.

How to update Roblox on the console

Roblox is also available on consoles. Specifically, at least at the time of writing, this is an Xbox console exclusive.

If you want to know more about the procedure to update the game on this platform, know that you need to start Roblox via the main console screen, obviously while the Internet connection is active.

In fact, by doing so, the system will warn you if an update is available, asking you to do it to play. Therefore, you have to choose to execute the update immediately to start the download and installation of the latter.

Perfect, now you are aware of a little bit of all the relevant information regarding the possibility of updating Roblox, whichever platform you have decided to take advantage of the titles related to the Roblox Corporation platform from.

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