[How-To] Unlock Realme 5 Pro/Realme 5 Bootloader (Android 10)

Realme is known for launching budget-friendly android devices every month. Especially in India, Realme has made its name in the budget segment as well as mid-range segment devices too.

Devices like Realme 5 Pro, Realme 5, Realme 3 Pro, etc received one of the most stable Realme UI update last month. However, there was an issue that prohibited the user to unlock the bootloader. Don’t worry, we have come up with a simple Step by Step guide on how to unlock Bootloader in Realme 5 Pro.

Before heading towards the steps on how to unlock the Realme 5 pro bootloader, we must learn what is Bootloader.

What Is Bootloader?

Bootloader is locked by default in all smartphones. It is locked as smartphone companies do not want anyone to change the code and worsen or improve the pure OS experience. Bootloader is also known for running scripts in a device (after booting).

Bootloader must also be unlocked if you want to root the device.

Let’s also see the advantages and disadvantages of unlocking Bootloader in Realme 5 Pro.


We can easily root the device, we can also install custom recovery, It also enables us to flash any other OS, UI, or custom ROM.


It voids the warranty, Your device can hang or freeze much frequently.

Required Stuff For Unlocking The Bootloader

  1. Backup your data (we can definitely say that your device’s data will be erased, so please backup everything)
  2. Download SDK Platform-tools (ADB & Fastboot Drivers).[Download Link]
  3. Download Unlocking APK from here.
  4. Charge your phone.
  5. You must also ensure one USB cable for connectivity.
  6. Also update your device if anything is pending.

Steps For Unlocking The Bootloader In Realme 5/5 Pro

  1. Install the downloaded apk (Unlocking APK).
  2. Wait 15 minutes after starting the application as it will take some time to evaluate your request.
  3. Now after your requests get approved, click on “Start the in-depth test”, your device will reboot, Now tap “fast boot_unlock_verify ok”. You can check the below screenshots on how to apply and run the test.
Unlocking Bootloader In Realme 5/5 pro
Unlocking Bootloader In Realme 5/5 pro

4. Then, extract the fastboot tool in a folder on your Windows or macOS PC given that you have connected your smartphone already.

5. Open Command Prompt or Terminal then press Shift + Right Click.

6. Type the following command which will reboot your device
adb reboot bootloader

7. Now unlock the bootloader by using this command
fastboot flashing unlock

8. Now press Volume up key.

9. The device will erase all data and will reboot with an unlocked bootloader.

Done, you have successfully unlocked bootloader in your Realme 5 pro.

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