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Hello, today I am sharing a detailed guide on how to tame a horse in minecraft. Horses were added to Minecraft in update 1.6.1. They can be tamed, used for movement, and bred with each other. Before the update, they were only available when installing the Mo’Creatures mod.

When developing a new add-on, the author of the modification, John Olarte, helped the developers of the game, so the appearance of the horses and their mechanics have not changed. In the open world, they spawn similarly to other animals (sheep, pigs, cows), with the color, running speed, and jump height of each horse being set randomly upon spawning.

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Currently, there are five main types of horses in the game, differing in appearance and size. When tamed, a horse retains its color (unlike, for example, an ocelot) but allows the player to equip it with a saddle and armor. The main types of horses in Minecraft:

Normal- have the same models and have one of seven colors: white, tan, dark bay, bay, black, gray, and playful. It can be uniform or with spots of various colors on the muzzle, legs, and throughout the body.

Donkeys are smaller and have long ears. The color is gray-brown with darker legs, ears, tail, and mane. It Can be equipped with a chest, increasing your inventory by 15 slots. To do this, right-click on the donkey while holding a chest. It will be possible to remove the chest only in case of the death of the donkey.

Mules – can be obtained by crossing horses and donkeys. The color of the ears, mane, and whole body is similar to donkeys. But with a darker, red-brown tint. They can also be equipped with a chest.

Skeleton horse – has the model of a normal horse but with a skeleton texture. Not available in normal game modes but can be used by developers and map makers.

Zombie horse – has a green color and black eyes. Just like the skeleton horse, it is only accessible via console commands.

Normal horses and donkeys spawn in groups in plains biomes, while mules, zombie horses, and skeleton horses cannot spawn naturally. A mule can be obtained by crossing a regular horse and a donkey. The size of the group at emergence ranges from two to four individuals, usually with the same color. Wild horses are constantly on the move. And can be led home on a leash without being tamed. However, only tamed horses can be used for movement and breeding.

Domestication of a horse

In Standard Mode, players can only tame adult horses, donkeys, and mules. Foals, Skeleton Horses, and Zombie Horses cannot be tamed. A tamed horse can be saddled, equipped with armor, and crossed with other non-wild horses. The process of domestication itself is simple and does not take much time, often being limited to just a few unsuccessful attempts. To tame a horse in Minecraft, follow these steps:

1. Limit your horse’s freedom of movement

Having found the necessary horse, you should keep in mind that it does not run away. To do this, you can tie her with a leash to a fence. Or build a fence around her. Horses cannot break the leash, but it can be broken by left-clicking on the fence where it is tied. After this, you can go directly to the dressage.

2. Dressage

To tame a horse in Minecraft, just walk up to it and right-click. However, after that, the horse will begin to kick until you are on the ground. For successful dressage, you need to keep getting on the horse until it eventually stops trying to throw you off. This process usually only takes a few tries, but if you find yourself having difficulty, you can try feeding your horse suitable food like sugar, apples, or bread. Food increases the chance of success when taming a horse, restores health, and, in addition, accelerates growth if it is a foal.

Food Regenerate Health Growth Boost

Sugar 1 30 seconds 3%

Wheat 2 1 minute 3%

Red Apple 3 1 minute 3%

Golden Carrot 4 1 minute 5%

Bread 7 3 minutes 3%

Golden Apple 10 4 minutes 10%

Sheaf of Hay 20 3 minutes

3. Equipping the horse with a saddle

Having successfully tamed a horse in Minecraft, it’s time to equip it with a saddle, as without it, you won’t be able to control it. You can use the same saddle that you used for the pigs, but remember that it can only be obtained from dungeons and cannot be crafted by yourself. A saddled horse has an inventory similar to yours. In the place of the inventory where you have cells for placing armor, the horse has cells for a saddle and its own armor.

4. Equipping the horse with armor

Along with the saddle, the horse can be equipped with horse armor which increases its health. As with the saddle, the armor cannot be crafted and must be obtained from the dungeons, from the chests of the Infernal Fortress in the Nether and the Desert Temple, and from the Abandoned Mines. To use the armor, go to your pet’s inventory. And place it in the appropriate slot. Horse armor has unlimited durability and is available in three versions – iron, gold, and diamond.

Horse breeding

But the most interesting begins after taming a few horses. Now you can breed them! As a result, you will get even more horses of different colors and colors while improving their health, running speed, and jump height. As is the case with other animals in Minecraft, in order to activate the “love mode,” horses need food that suits them: golden carrots or golden apples. One carrot or apple is enough for each horse to start breeding. Golden Carrots are crafted at a workbench by placing a regular carrot in the center of a gold nugget ring. In order to get a golden apple, you will need ingots. Using any other food will not cause your horses to breed. The final color and suit will depend on those of the parents. Mules, just like in the real world,

For a newborn foal to fully mature, it takes twenty minutes, during which it will be impossible to tame and saddle it. You can reduce this time by using the food indicated in the table above. Outwardly, foals have a less proportional, compared to adults, body with long legs and a small, thin body. Randomly attacked foals or horses do not become hostile to the player and do not lose their tamed status.

Horseback riding

When you are mounted on a tamed and saddled horse, you can control its movement in the same way as the movement of a character. All horses have a fairly high speed, but it varies from individual to individual. It takes time for your horse to gain maximum speed, and to jump, press, and hold the space bar, then release. Every horse has a different jump height, so you won’t know it until you try it.

While on a horse, you can use any items: potions, chests, a workbench, open and close doors, and so on. It is also possible to use a sword or bow and fight monsters on horseback. You can even install new blocks. In principle, you can ride indefinitely but avoid water because when immersed in water to a sufficient depth, the horse will inevitably throw you off.

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