[How-TO] Spy on your Partner’s Phone (Step by Step)

Cheating is one of the biggest concerns for everyone, while some relationships walk on the basis of trust, while some don’t trust their partners at all.

These trust issues can cause a relationship to be broken and then you people regret about it daily. If you suspect that your life partner is cheating on you then you must know all the truth about it.

So how to know that your partner is cheating? Simple, you just need to activate the spy app on your partner’s phone, maybe your wife, husband, girlfriend, or boyfriend, etc. In this post, we will tell you how to spy on your partner’s phone. (step by step guide)

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What Do You Need?

You need a spying software, named Spyier: the best app that can spy on your partner’s phone.

Features of Spyier app

  1. No risk: There is no risk in downloading this app (or software for web), the targeted device will never be torn. It is a highly secure app and is fully encrypted using 256-bit security.
  2. No root needed: Spyier comes both for Android OS and iOS. One of the best features of Spyier app is that the device in which it will be installed does not need to be jail-broken or rooted. So Spyier has an advantage over other spying apps.
  3. Can be used on web: Spyier web app actually does not need installing any app on the device, it is 100% controlled by the web (chrome browser, safari or any other).
  4. Read Text Messages: You can even read each and every message your partner receives or send.
  5. Call Log Tracking: You can track all the calls that your partner receives or does. Spyier also provides you with the phone number of the person.
  6. Location Tracking: You can track where your partner is and if they are lying about their location or not.
  7. Social Media Tracking: You can track social media accounts of your partner like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and every other app.

How To Use Spyier

How to spy on partner's phone

Spyier For Android

There are three versions of the android package that are basic, premium and family.

  • Basic Plan is for a single device 
  • Premium plan has some additional features for a single device
  • Family plan is for multiple devices

Now you ust need to install the app for activating the software.


The app will be provided to you by Spyier after you complete registration on their website.

After installation, hide the app so that the owner does not know about it.

Steps for activating the app.

  1. Create a free account on the Spyier website.
  2. Purchase the subscription plan and choose device type.
  3. Install that app on your partner’s device.
How to use Spyier

Spyier For iOS

You don’t need any kind of app installation on an iOS device, you just need iCloud credentials.

Just choose iOS in the device type and purchase the package according to it. You will be automatically redirected to a webpage. After the mentioned steps your account will synchronize with the iCloud data of the iPhone.

Wrapping Up

Thanks for reading our blog, hope you found out what you were looking for. Keep reading and keep sharing!

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