How To Hack Online Game In Browser-APKFENT(Info)

Today I am sharing information about how you can you hack This is article contains all the important information about how you can cheat Kurnker. I am using Microsoft Edge browser latest version. This will be same as Google Chrome so you don’t have to worry about that.

Now before we start you need to know how actually hacks work. There are many cheats available on the internet many of them work differently. So you have to pay some attention while reading the instructions. I guarantee that if you once follow and read my instructions then you will definitely being able to cheat.

Now how hack actually work, do you hear about injection! yeah obviously you know. So by using java script we will able to inject hacks into the online game. These hacks will automatically change the game data in your browser and help you to cheat easily. So this going to be very easy if you follow my steps. Before you cheat I would like to inform you about all the hacks which you will see in any hack.

ESP Hack

This hack is mainly popular for it’s work, means that it allows you to see through any block of the game. It may be building, container or a house. ESP hack has ability to show enemies position and it helps you to locate your enemies. This hack won’t help you to kill enemies but if you are using aimbot then this hack is really important to kill enemies smoothly. Aimbot

Name suggest all the information about this hack, means that aimbot allows you to lock your enemies and shoot them without turning your crosshair. Aimbot automatically detects the opponent players and point the crosshair on them. There are many users whose aim is good so don’t think they are good they are cheater! just kidding. Fast Speed

Fast speed is good when you have to kill all the enemies by just running. This hack is good but there are some limitation users and game easily detect this type of hack. I also recommended you to not use speed hack or any speed related hacks. Magic Bullets

Magic bullets are not those bullets who disappear or appear after sometime. Magic bullets are those which automatically point to your enemies and kill them instantly. This is also one of the most popular hack and it allows you to shoot enemies from range. Range hack

Range hack or headshot hacks are important enough to win the game. If you are using range hack then you have ability to kill your enemies easily with a head shot. Now this is the last hack which is really good in my opinion.

Now I will tell you some steps which are important enough to hack But there are two methods which you have to follow, one about using extension and the second one about using a java script.

First Method

  1. First download a JavaScript from my website and then simply visit addons or web extension page of Chrome or Firefox. Microsoft users can use google chrome extension service to add any extension into edge browser.
  2. Now search ‘Tamper monkey’ application, this application will allow you to execute your java hack.
  3. Now simply open tamper monkey extension and copy the file which you have downloaded or copied from our website and paste it into tamper monkey file page. Now you have to save that file using Tamper monkey Extension.
  4. Now most or important step you have to do is to enable the script before you enter in the game. This will help you to not detect by the game.

Second Method

  1. This method is also one of my best method, in this you don’t have to copy java code. Simply download a hack extension which will automatically did all the job.
  2. Krunker name extension is available on our site which will helps you to cheat the game easily.
  3. Now how you can use this extension, simply if you have to install any extension in your browser from third party service you have to turn on developer option. Developer option will allow you to upload your own extension or service into the web browser.
  4. Now just upload dogeware extension which will help you to hack the game. Now you have all done.

These methods will help you to cheat the game easily. I have share the JavaScript and extension on my website you can use any of them to hack the game. If you downloading JavaScript then please install tamper monkey extension which is really necessary.


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