How To Hack Garena Free Fire Using Game Guardian-APKFENT(Info)

How to Hack Garena Free Fire using game guardian? Hey gamers, today I am going to tell you a best way to hack Garena Free Fire. In this post you will see how hackers cheat the game.

This trick or hack works in both root or non rooted devices. So you don’t have to worry about Free Fire hacking. In simple words I will tell you two methods one method is for Rooted users and second method is for non rooted users.

Why we cheat Free Fire? because nowadays it’s become too hard to win a game. Now hackers are everywhere they cheat the game and they kill you at no time. This makes the player leave the game or make desperate about hacking.

I have also seen many people are asking me that how we can cheat Free Fire using game guardian. This going to be very simple means and easy I have mention all the steps which you have to know.

Before we begin to hacking, you have to know which hack you will see and what they works.


Bypass is actually not a hack but a very important part of the game. By using bypass users can bypass those files which Free Fire game use to detect the cheats. Now after using bypass your ban percentage decreased so much. I also suggest you to always use a bypass script before you procced to hack.


Antenna is a simple and a working hack which helps us to located the enemies. In simple words if you are using a antenna hack then you will be able to see your enemies location. Antenna hack is one of the most popular hack and it works in all the chipset. Antenna hack is undetectable and that’s why many game hackers use antenna hack to see opponent player location.


Wallhack is a complicated hack you show know your device processor before you procced. Wallhack allows you to see player location perfectly, in antenna you will only see player location when you face your crosshair at upward direction. Wallhack will allows you to see through all the blocks of the game, means that you can easily identified player location by using wallhack.

Speed hack

Speed hack is not so important in my opinion, because it some detects by the game and you users face a ban. Now what actually speed hack do is, it removes the limit of your game character and it forces you to run fast and move independently anywhere. Using speed hack makes easy the detection of the game so don’t use this in my opinion.


Aimlock is a hack which allows you to lock your crosshair on your opponent. This will help you to fire your bullets only on your enemies, rather they are far or close.

Aimlock hack will automatically detects the player and lock your aim, but there are some limitation aimlock works at different ranges if you choose far range then it will allows you to shoot far.

There are lot’s of hacks but I told you some of the best and popular hacks which everyone use. Now I will tell you both the methods for what your are waiting for;

How to hack Garena Free Fire in Rooted Device

  1. Root users have a great opportunity to cheat any game without a ban. Sometimes ban also occurs because of third party applications.
  2. You have to install game guardian, and then you have to download a lua script.
  3. Now you have to run your game guardian application and then you have to run your game.
  4. Now select prevent unload level to (2 and 3), now in memory ranges also select (B: Bad Dangerous). This will allows you to use any hack of the script.
  5. Now simply click on the upload if you are using sikktech Guardian in top right corner. But if you are using original one then click on a small play icon at top right corner.
  6. Now click on browse your script and choose your hack script.
  7. Now click on execute and wait for sometime while hack script loaded.
  8. You have all done!

How to Hack Garena Free Fire in Non Root

  1. For non rooted users this become complicated to cheat any game. But don’t worry I will perfectly guide you to cheat any game without an issue.
  2. Now you have to download three application game guardian, Dual space, or a host app. Nothing more you need to download to activate cheats, simple follow my below steps.
  3. First install a dual space, you can download it from my website. Now install game guardian, this is also available on my webste.
  4. After that you need a host app, nowadays it not necessary. If you have downloaded a hack script from our website then you have you to don’t use this host app.
  5. Now open your dual space, all the function will done in dual space so it’s necessary to download.
  6. Now add your Free Fire and game guardian app into the dual space.
  7. Now simply click on game guardian icon, and it will take some time. So click on the game and then start your game.
  8. After starting your game you have to click on gameguardian icon and you have to do some work.
  9. Now click on memory ranges and select (B: Bad Dangerous)  after that you need to scroll down and find Preven unload set it to level 2 and 3.
  10. Now simply click on upload icon if you are using game guardian of sikktech and if you are using other then you will see play icon at top right corner.
  11. Now simply browse your hack script and then execute it and you have all done.
  12. enjoy!!

Hey! guys you see in non root this become more and more hard as compare to root devices. But you have to don’t root your device, if you do you might be not able to play any online game. Please follow all the steps and if you still have some doubt please contact me on instagram or any social network you use.

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