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The phrase “my home is my castle” fits perfectly in Minecraft. Players just need a good base, which will be the starting point in the new world, help save resources and protect themselves from virtual monsters. Today I will go through all four stages of building a house in Minecraft and tell you what to keep in mind when creating it.

Houses in Minecraft are different – from an unsightly kennel to a palace. Therefore, before starting construction, it is worth understanding why you need a home. In the beginning, you need a house in Minecraft to protect against mobs, especially at night. It should be done as early as possible, ideally on the first day. Beauty and other functionality fade into the background, so you don’t need to choose a place for a long time.

On the contrary, if you are willing to spend a lot of time on your home and use it as a permanent base or just a big beautiful project, you need to pay attention to the preparation. It is worth, as a rule, to prepare in advance all or at least the main blocks for construction, stock up on food, and mark the territory.

If everything else can be added or changed in the process, then the location should be decided in advance – if you choose a bad place, then you will have to start work from the very beginning. You can do without this item only if you are going to build a temporary shelter that you are ready to throw or take apart into blocks.

A good Minecraft house should have a convenient location. It will be difficult to explore the world if your base is located far from the main routes, and you will have to get there and back for several minutes each time. Which place will be the best? It is difficult to predict, so experienced players advise not to build a large house right away – first you need to explore the world superficially.

It should be a large, spacious area: keep in mind that in the future, additional buildings may appear next to the house. For example, farms and gardens – then the ideal solution would be a flat biome next to the sea. Consider the aesthetic side of the issue: fantasy will help you build a cool Minecraft house even in unexpected places, as in the material below.

Building a building in Minecraft is as simple as stacking blocks side by side to represent walls. In fact, walls can be made from anything, but it is better to use a more durable material. The best option is various types of stone because wood can burn. However, at the beginning of the game, whatever catches your eye will do.

Remember that loose blocks like sand are only good for walls, not ceilings. You will also need to place torches or other lighting elements inside (and preferably outside) to avoid monsters spawning. And on the workbench, you can make a door or windows.

A home that looks good on the outside should be the same on the inside. If you’re just starting out, you’ll need a bed to sleep in, a workbench, and chests – all you need is planks and wool. If you managed to get a stone, it is better to create a furnace as well. It will allow you to craft and store new items in a safe place without the possibility of dying from a sudden monster.

At the previous point, the minimum program for a house in Minecraft ends. The rest depends on your imagination: you can decorate the Minecraft house as you like since there are enough tools for this in the game. For example, you can make panoramic windows or hang pictures on the walls, arrange flowers in the corners, make a fireplace. All this will add comfort. And it will become more pleasant to play.

Over time, many players expand their houses – complete the rooms, floors, and basements. Cheap materials that you used at the beginning can always be replaced with something beautiful, patterns can be depicted on the walls. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the area next to the dwelling: decorate it with flowers, create a pond, or other useful buildings.

In any case, it all depends on the player. The main purpose of a house in Minecraft is to protect against monsters, and the rest is up to you to figure out. Will it be your base with a huge warehouse and secret passages? Or do you dream of a beautiful Minecraft house that will look like a real one? The choice is yours!

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