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Top 6 Ways To Boost Performance Of Android Device

Hello gamers!. In this blog we will tell you how to boost the performance of your android device. Themost common problem with android phone is that it becomes slower day by day and its performance also decreases.

In today’s era of gaming, android phones play a major role and what to do if your phone is not that faster or efficient to run games like pubg and many more.

So here is the solution of that problem by which you can boost your android device performance not only for gaming but also for day to day use. Below is the list of some of the best ways to increase performance of your android device.

 1. Uninstall apps that you don’t use.

Every app occupies some space in your device. Uninstalling apps that you don’t use will free up some space in your device.

The apps that you don’t use keep running in background which consumes you battery as well as space and causes major degradation in your device’s performance. By doing this, your device will not waste resource on these apps.

2. Hibernate the apps you that you don’t want to run in background

Apps running is the background consumes RAM and CPU usage. You can hibernate them and can save some RAM and CPU usage which is a major factor of android device’s performance. You can use greenify to hibernate apps in the background. Follow the instructions below to use greenify;

  • It can hibernate the apps you want to and this will ensure low CPU and RAM usage.
  • When you want to open hibernated app, you will not have to remove it from hibernation. It will run automatically.
  • You have to enable auto hibernation so that it will automatically hibernate your app when you close the app.
  • This app can run in both rooted and non rooted devices but it will work more efficiently in increasing performance in rooted device.

3. Update your device and applications regularly as per updates.

Updates are very important in increasing performance of your device. It comes with bug fixes and new features which provides pace to devices. The frequency of updates depends on your device manufacturers and you have to wait for new patches.

3. Avoid live wallpapers

Live wallpapers consumes lot of RAM and battery of your device and also CPU in background which results in major degradation in your device’s performance. You can use inbuilt wallpapers so that it do not affect performance of your device.

4. High speed memory card.

If your device has low storage capacity than you can use high speed memory card to boost performance. You should go for class 10 memory card as it is faster and can helps you to increase performance of your device.

5. Regularly free up space of your device.

Regularly freeing up space of your android device can provide a great boost to your deice memory which will help you increasing performance of your device. You should keep 1gb+ free storage in your device to ensure great performance of your device.

6. Don’t clear system cache very frequently

When you delete system cache of your device, the android device has to create cache again. This creates lagginess in your device which results in decreased performance of your device.

So these were some best ways to boost performance of your device by doing some major steps towards your system memory. Hope that this will help you increase your productivity in games as well as many other tasks.

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