Garena Free Fire Config 1.69.X (Lag Fix, Headshot) File Free Download-APKFENT(Info)

Garena free fire config file will give you the power to shade any enemy head. Garena free fire config file is really awesome and many users using this for the past few months. Here, you will get the latest version of the Garena Free Fire config file. This config file is working with the latest version of Free Fire.

This is the latest version auto headshot config file available right now. You can download mod data from our website for Garena free fire in order to bypass ban. This config is antiban and it will not give ban. You can use this free fire config on your official account at your own risk. But I am using it on my official account and it supports the latest version 1.69.

What is Garena Free Fire Config?

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But today I am sharing this hack with you guys, so go and download the config file for your Free Fire. This config file works on the main account so there is no risk of any ban. But at-least try it on your guest account or backup to check the file is working or not. Garena Free Fire hack config is available to download for free.

This Free Fire injector file contain long range headshot, one click headshot type features. You don’t have to download any Lua script for free fire. This hack works without game guardian and it’s easy to install. Now download the hack from the below download button and you have all done.

If you not feel good while using this mod data then you can use Free Fire mod menu apk. Config of free fire will give you all the features. I am using ff config apk instead of mod data. I also recommend you if you are a new game hacker.

There are many more features inside the config file. So download the config file for Garena Free Fire from the below button and paste it in your game directory. Please make sure that you read the instructions, because if you don’t then you will not know where to paste the files.

Garena Free Fire Config File Auto Headshot

This config consists of an auto headshot feature. By using this config you will get the feature of auto headshot. This auto headshot will help you to kill enemies only by headshot. After using this config file in your android device you will not face any ban issue. This auto headshot config file is working with the latest version.

Headshot config for free fire is really important thing. In the latest version our free fire config file you will get auto headshot hack that will help you to win every round in the game. But to use the headshot hack you need to proper aim at the player. Missing the bullet will not give auto headshot.

Even if you interested in Garena free fire config aimbot file, then you can also download this config file. It is working with the latest version of free fire v1.69. With the help of this config file you will be able to shoot enemies on the head. You don’t have to worry about any ban or issue. This config file is safe and it will not give you ban.

Garena Free Fire Config File Aimbot

Aimbot config file helps you to aim better by chaining your in-game sensitivity. After using this hack config you will see that your aim is better now. Garena free fire aimbot config file is antiban and it’s works with the latest version. I am using this config file on my main account but I don’t recommend you to use it on your main account.

This aimbot config file for FF (Free Fire) is available for free. You can download this config file from the below download button. Aimtbot is now not working in the latest version of the free fire config. I have tried so much and I didn’t make it. I want you to wait for few days. The latest version of the new config will comes with aimbot and other popular features.

You can download free fire auto headshot config file from our website. The advantage of using the config file are mention below. If you interested in reading the information about the config then you can read it from the above.

Garena Free Fire Config File Lag Fix

Garena free fire lag fix config file helps you to reduce render lag in the game. Mainly config files are built to reduce lag, but later on with the help of LUA you can also get advantages of hacks. Free Fire lag fix config file works with the latest version 1.69. If you face lag in your game and want to resolve the issue of lag then download this config file.

Garena Free Fire Lag fix config will work in any android device. This config file is antiban and it will not affect your account. You will not get any ban after using this config file. This config only works in the latest version of the game. You can also use this config to fix lag, I have mention the steps below.

Garena Free Fire Config File Advantages

Garena Free Fire config file advantages are listed below in the feature section but I will tell you few major advantages of using a config files. There are so many advantages of using the latest version free fire auto headshot config file. I am also a huge fan of using config instead of scrripts or other cheats. There are advantages and disadvantages of using a config files.

Config file for FF (Free Fire) reduce the load on the GPU because it comes with settings that now allow the game to force GPU. This thing really reduce the load and helps the game to run smoothly. If you play game at high settings and facing lag then changing settings might fix that issue.

Config will not give you any ban so it is free. So this is the best feature of using config file instead of a graphics tools. If you are using any GFX tool then I won’t recommend you to use this config in Free Fire. Watch the below video for more information on ‘how to use garena free fire config file‘.

You can also you config file to cheat the game. This config file comes with built-in LUA files. That changes the value in the game data and allows the user to kill enemies faster. After using mod data or mod config file you can kill enemies easily. You will be able to cheat the game easily by just pasting the config. The latest version of the free fire supports this config file.

Garena Free Fire Lag Fix Config

Garena Free Fire lag fix config file is mainly used to reduce lag in the game. Now a question arise in your mind that how config file actually works? the answer is very simple. Config of free fire reduce the render load and load the required game assets. This config is great and it will help you to fix lag in your android device easily. With the help of the ff config, you will not face lag anymore.

This method lowers the load on your android GPU and your game get more and more FPS. Garena Free Fire config mainly used in those devices which are not capable of running free fire smoothly. You can download the below config v1, which is good and it will work with most of the android device. You have to update the free fire in order to use this config, all the steps are same for fixing lag using FF config.

How To Use Garena Free Fire Config File

You can read the below steps if you don’t know how to use FF config. Please remove your free fire game from background and also turn it off. If this config not work after installation then restart your game.

  1. Download the config file zip version from the below download button.
  2. Now unzip the file by using the password (
  3. After that open the unzip folder, and copy the free fire data folder.
  4. Now paste the copied data into the android directory -> android/data/paste here
  5. Now open your game and enjoy!

Garena Free Fire Config Features

  • Auto Headshot
  • Less Recoil
  • High Damage
  • Fast Kill
  • Long Range Shot
  • Long Range Kill
  • etc.



Is Free Fire config works?

Yes, you can use the free fire config file to fix lag, or to cheat game without getting banned.

How to use config in free fire?

You can read our detailed instructions to use the config in free fire. But you should know that our config only works with android device.

Free Fire auto headshot config download?

You can download free fire auto headshot config file from our website. It is working and it will work in the latest version 1.69.0.

Is ff config is antiban?

Yes, our config files and mod data are tested and antiban. You can download the config file and you can use it on your official account.

What are the advantages of free fire config?

There are so many advantages of using free fire config. You will get auto headshot hack, aimbot, lag fix and other popular features.

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