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Far Cry 2 Console Commands & Cheats

Far Cry 2 console cheats are here to deliver to the fans of the far cry 2 for free. In this post I am sharing the new latest updated console commands. These commands are gather from different sources and tested. All of the far cry 2 console commands are working perfectly. I have also shared information on the console cheats below. If you are really busy then you can visit far cry 2 cheats block.

In this article I have shared a list of the working cheats commands on console. You can use these commands to get infinite health, god mode and many other popular features.

Far Cry 2 Console Commands and Cheats Guide

Here is the complete list of all working far cry 2 console cheats. With the help of console commands you can skip the intros, unlock god mode and you can also skip missions. Far Cry 2 console commands are updated and working perfectly with the latest version.

If you don’t have proper guide about how to use console command then you can read steps to properly use them. I have mentioned all the required details which will help you to properly use far cry 2 console commands. Please copy/ paste the files if you cannot remember the commands properly and according to me you will be going to copy.

How To Use Far Cry 2 Console Cheats

Before you go and check out the console commands first I would like you to follow the instructions. Below I have mentioned all the steps.

  1. You need to go to the game directory or you can follow the directory root: Program files> Ubisoft> Far Cry 2> bin> farcry2.exe
  2. Now right click on farcry2.exe and create a desktop shortcut.
  3. Add cheats to the desktop shortcut and you have all done.
  4. Start the game and enjoy
  5. Cheats will enabled automatically.

If my guide is not enough for you then I recommend you to search on Google. Because I think this enough for a cheater.

To avoid getting stuck in the game, you need to first complete the tutorial until you sent the tape to the chruch. Or, do me a favor backup your fies because I am not responsible for any damage to your game files or pc because I don’t own these cheats.

Far Cry 2 Console Commands List

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Here are the dream commands that are you looking for and these will work without an issue. These are the only commands available right now. I will add new commands ASAP if I got new one.

-GameProfile_GodMode 1Unlocks God Mode
-GameProfile_SkipIntroMovies 1Skip Intro and Post Effects
-GameProfile_AllWeaponsUnlock 1Unlocks all the weapons
-GameProfile_UnlimitedAmmo 1Infinite Ammo
-GameProfile_UnlimitedReliability 1Never jammed Guns or Unlimited Guns reliablity

Above are the main game commands now I will share you the mission commands. All of the commands are working and tested.

Unlock Missions Console Cheats

THaCupR4Secret Missions
tar3QuzUSecret Missions
sa7eSUPRSecret Missions
6aPHusweAdditional Missions
96CesuHuAdditional Missions
SpujeN7xAdditional Missions
zUmU6RupBonus Missions

So that’s all for the missions commands now we will discuss about player commands. I know its going interesting for you and if not then leave our website right now :).

Far Cry 2 Console Commands & Cheats For Player

Below you will see all the player commands that you can use in the game.

F1Toggle first and third views
F2Advance to next checkpoint
F3Warp to Spawn point
F4Toggle no clipping
F5Return to default speed
Decrease speed
=Increase speed
F9Save current position
F10Load current position
PAll weapons
OInfnite ammunition
BackspaceToggle invincibility
F11Toggle extra information

So these are the available commands right and I already told you that I will add new one as soon as I informed. Now if you have any doubts regarding the cheats and guide then please comment.

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