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In 2017, a new game built on the blockchain with support for NFT tokens called CryptoKitties thundered all over the world. There, users were asked to raise kittens. The success of the game did not go unnoticed and similar sites began to appear. There are hundreds of analogs in 2022, but only a few of them are worthy of attention.

Blockchain game Ethermon with NFT tokens is one of the brightest representatives of its field. By the name, you can already guess that the project works on the Ethereum network.

The game was launched in 2017. Here, users are allowed to buy fabulous creatures for cryptocurrency in order to upgrade them later, use them for battles tournaments, and even get eggs from them. The interface is not so complicated.

Monster cards are NFT tokens. Each of them depicts a character with its own unique characteristics. They can be collected, upgraded, and sold. You won’t have to invest money after registration because the starter kit is given to beginners in the form of a bonus.

The developers are planning the global development of the project and the addition of many features. At the moment, monsters cost a few dollars, and if the game “goes” to the audience, the prices will definitely rise.

The essence of the game Ethermon.

In any NFT game, you need to collect tokens. In the case of Ethermon, these are monster cards. Users make a profit by using their deck, selling it, and renting it out. Main directions:

Collecting and leveling

The first cards can be obtained for free by registration. A few more can be picked up for completing tasks. The rest will have to be bought, but their cost is not very high. Then you use your squad for battles and thereby increase the level of monsters:

Heroes are pumped, and when they reach certain levels, the opportunity opens up to breed offspring or transform into a more powerful character. All this increases the cost of the card.

Participation in battles

Tournaments with different prize pools are regularly held for players. They are divided into ladders and have limits placed on them to strike a balance between the teams. The battles themselves take place on the machine.

The player needs to choose the cards. And place them correctly on the field, and then just watch. Points are awarded for the victory. At the end of the season, they are calculated. And the winners are determined to whom EMONT tokens are transferred.

Resale cards

You cannot take part in the gameplay at all, making a profit from trading on the domestic market. Monsters are bought and sold for decent money, but only if they are powerful or rare.

Transactions between users are in huge numbers. And here you can catch very profitable offers. Moreover, the system has the possibility of direct transfer of NFT. So it is worth looking for lots outside the site.

Whether you become a collector, a commander, or a repurchaser, it does not matter at all. In any role, you can earn good money. The main thing is to understand the intricacies of the game, navigate the prices, study the interface up and down.

What do you need to play?

As already mentioned, the game is built on the Ethereum blockchain, so you will definitely have to create a wallet for this currency and deposit ETH into it. In the first step of registration, you will be asked to log in with a crypto wallet choose one of these:

  • Meta Mask;
  • FortMatic;
  • Arkane.

Install and register in advance; otherwise, you will not be able to enter the game. We recommend using MetaMask this is the most famous wallet and has a user-friendly interface.

Registration on

Creating an account is not standard here, so the instruction will not be superfluous. When you go to the main page, you will see a button for authorization in the top menu. By clicking on it, a window will open with a choice of wallet for authorization;

We have already talked about this above; download and immediately get into your personal account. Next, a notification will appear in the center of the screen, on which there is a Click Here link.

Click and in the following form fill in two lines – email address and login, then click “Confirm Email.”

An email will be sent to the mailbox containing a link to confirm registration. And in the same window, a new notification and several buttons will appear.

Sometimes the letter is delayed; you need to wait. You can also click the “Profile” button in your personal account and request it again.

Welcome bonus for newbies

All new players, after email confirmation, are given a starter kit. These are three weak monsters, the cheapest cards. The most important thing is that you can already fight with them and participate in tournaments. Go to your collection and see what characters you got:

Initially, they will be the first level and with a certain power. They need to be pumped by participating in battles. Please note that the chances of breaking through the welcome bonus are extremely low.

Buying monsters in the official store

The developers offer to buy cards and thereby issue a new NFT token. In the side menu of your account, there is a section “Official store.”

The choice here is not the largest, and the prices bite. At the moment, only 4 options are offered and with a minimum cost of 0.017955 ETH, which is about $57 at the current rate.

If you still decide to make a purchase, you first need to go to the monster card. There will be presented its characteristics and buttons for payment:

The operation is carried out directly from the wallet through which authorization was carried out. The monster is instantly added to your collection.

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Market Square – Buying, Selling, and Renting Monsters

A great way to save money and get into the game with a small deposit is the marketplace. It is the name of the section where users buy and sell cards among themselves. They set their own prices, so it’s really possible to find great deals:

Here you can already find monsters for less than 3 dollars (at the moment, taking into account the current ETH exchange rate). You can sort offers by the lowest price, and you will see the cheapest characters. 

The price tag is almost 2 times lower (about $25), and it is not the cheapest hero yet. In addition, the bazaar has a “Rent” tab, where you can rent monsters for a while or rent your own at a fixed price for a certain number of hours.

It is necessary to visit the marketplace regularly and view the latest offers. Among them, you can get something very profitable at an attractive price. Some generally earn in the game solely on the resale of cards.


Don’t waste time; register right now, get bonus monsters and start fighting. If you’re lucky, you’ll win the ladder, but even if you don’t advance in the tournament, you’ll still have NFT tokens that can rise in price over time.

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