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Dude Theft Wars cheat codes list is here. You can take advantages of the dude theft wards cheats to get money, items in the game for free. Cheat codes of Dude Theft Wards are updated and working in 2022.

I have mentioned all the required information such as dude theft wars cheat codes list, game features, game hacks and mods. If you don’t what is Dude Theft Wars cheat codes then you can read more about this below.

What is Dude Theft Wars?

Dude Theft Wars Open World Sandbox Simulator is a very unusual action game for Android, which is made in the style of the famous GTA game. Before going to learn about Dude Theft Wars cheats, let’s explore this exciting game.

If you’ve played GTA on PC, you can just as much enjoy playing Dude Theft Wars on your mobile phone. It is a great way to have fun in a free world full of adventures, dangers, and exciting tasks.

First of all, this is a free world, in which you can realize your abilities and experience a unique experience. Hacked Dude Theft Wars is an opportunity to play with unlimited money, powerful weapons, and equipment.

A huge world is open in front of you, with great opportunities where you can create whatever your soul desires.

You have to play the main character named Jack, who plunged headlong into the world of crime to earn huge money and gain the respect of other gangs. Stock up on weapons to feel safe, as danger can lurk around every corner.

So that you do not get bored in an enormous open world, several shops with weapons will be available on the map. Here, you can easily buy both new firearms large caliber rifles, and even grenade launchers.

It will be more fun to explore the open world with this arsenal. And to move around it faster, you can get a high-speed car and shoot straight from it.

In Dude Theft Wars, you will see beautiful and colorful graphics that are very different from other games.

Ride around the city in various cars, complete many missions, do everything to become the king of the underworld.

Fight competitive gangs for the right to own territories, and bribe city officials so that they can help you in any situation. Conquer the entire metropolis, and don’t let small gangs seize your possessions.

How to Enter Dude Theft Wars Cheat Codes

If you are too bored with everyday action and fighting games, let’s experience the feeling of riots, freedom to drive around the streets, tease the police, at Dude Theft Wars – title Super fun street riot game. Here are the Dude Theft Wars Cheat Codes for those who want to get infinite money, weapons, vehicles.

  • Step 1: Start the Dude Theft Wars game and press the Phone icon on the left side of the screen.
  • Step 2: You will see phone-like options. Find Cheats.exe and click on this option.
  • Step 3: You have to enter the Dude Theft Wars Cheat Codes in the given field.

Dude Theft Wars cheats codes

Dude Theft War Codes, Dude Theft Wars Cheat Codes

Coming to Dude Theft Wars, you will transform into a “dude” and participate in riots throughout the streets and towns. True to the name Dues Theft Wars – riots of rich thieves. Right here are the Dude Theft Wars cheats code 2022:

An updated list of Dude Theft Wars cheats code

  • Giantdudes – help become big,
  • Heytaxi – bring cars closer to you,
  • Evening – Change the time to Evening
  • Dudekong – find nearby cars,
  • Nosforever – speed up your car,
  • Day – Change the time to morning
  • Antdude – Become smaller like an ant,
  • Moongravity – fly in the air;

Dude Theft Wars Unlimited Money cheats.

Continuing is the Code Dude Theft Wars Unlimited Money Cheats Code for Brothers. The way to move is quite simple with the emulator keyboard on the left, along with the right navigation button so you can orient 360 degrees, rotate left, right, rotate behind.

  • Cashcash999999unlimited money
  • Gaarhi0-64 – Spawns new vehicles
  • Superman – Become unbeatable for a while
  • Crowd 99 – Spawns new users
  • Dudebolt – Allow you to run fast
  • Popoplz – FBI
  • Suppahotslap

Special Dude Theft Wars Cheats

  • 1,000,000 free money – WDOOW85C
  • Enable immortality mode (re-enter the code to turn off) – 97VYXZAM
  • Infinite ammo – QRSVDLJA
  • Remove Crime Stars – IDHLVJWP
  • Enable maximum crime – AZIHF10U

Game process

First of all, the game attracts freedom of action; there is no plot on which you can move. Dude Theft Wars mod has an extensive map for you to explore. In different areas, you can take on tasks that will increase your level of authority and can unlock weapons.

Since the game looks unique in terms of graphics, this has also contributed to the rapid growth in popularity. In it, you can take any car, or other vehicles, on the street and use it to complete the task.

In addition to cars, a large arsenal of weapons is available in the game. Use guns to kill opponents, complete tasks, rob cars, and earn money.

With the help of bucks, you can buy different things for yourself and create a unique image. Dude Theft Wars money plays an important role in the passage and gives complete freedom of purchases. It is a legal way to diversify the game and remove restrictions.

If you want to use a hack for immortality, infinite weapons, or get away from the chase, you can get banned. Since many players used Dude Theft Wars cheats when completing tasks in GTA, they are also looking for a way to get additional features in this game.

Since the game is on the Android platform, You need to follow the instructions to learn how to use the codes in the game correctly?

Dude Theft War Game features

Due to the presence of melted and ranked players, you will have a crime index. It is indicated by stars, and you have committed crimes, this index increases. First of all, this attracts the police. They will start chasing you and try to kill you.

Dude Theft Wars a lot of money allows you to buy weapons and strengthen your hero, which will increase your chances of survival.

One of the important advantages of the game is convenience to control, which is implemented based on touch buttons. With their help, you can move around, avoid attacks, and perform actions using the buttons on the right side of the screen.

After completing the tasks and moving to the store, you can purchase new equipment and equipment. A wide variety of items and weapons allows you to create a unique image.

Free to kill and loot, Dude Theft Wars game is a great underworld simulator. Due to the ability to play without a network connection, you can enjoy the gameplay anywhere.

Drive cars, fly planes, and even carts from the supermarket. The game has a large number of fun moments and exciting tasks. It can be interesting to spend time with gamers of any age.

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