COD Warzone Hacks (Aimbot, ESP, Triggerbot) Download 2021-APKFENT(Info)

COD Warzone is a pc game, in which you have to survive among 150 players. As I said survive, you need cheats and hacks for the COD warzone. In this post, I am sharing the latest version of the cod warzone hacks. These hacks will help you to win game without any problem. We have share cold war zombies hack already. If you are a fan of call of duty warzone, then this post will surely help you.

The cheats available on our website are downloaded from the third-party websites. We don’t create our own cheats and mods. We test them and publish them on our website. We take about a month to download game and test the cheats.

What is COD Warzone hack?

Cod Warzone Hacks, Cod Warzone Hack Download, Cod Warzone Hack Free

COD Warzone hacks are the tools or exploits that help the user to modify game data. With the help of the cod warzone hacks you can easily win the game. There are about 150 players in the game when you enter, and you need to survive. With the help of the cod warzone hacks you can easily take over the players. The latest cheats such as aimbot, triggerbot, esp, wallhack, radar, and many more other hacks, help the user to win game.

There are so many advantages of using the hacks in the call of duty warzone. In this post I am going to share the latest antiban cod warzone hacks for free. Yes, you don’t need to pay for the cheats. There are so many websites online which shares the cheats and mods for paid. On our website you can find csgo, valorant, and other popular games for free.

We will discuss the features of the Call of Duty warzone hacks. I will tell you about the hack and how they affect your gameplay. You need to understand more about hacks and you need to know how you can use them in the game.

About Call of Duty Warzone

Call of duty warzone is a battle royale game available for PC. The graphics and physics of the game are good and it feels really like other COD games. COD Warzone is not available for android devices, you need a PC to install it. You can download the cod warzone from their official website. The game is available for free and it is similar to other battle royale games such as PUBG.

COD Warzone Hacks

Cod Warzone Hacks, Cod Warzone Hack Download, Cod Warzone Hack Free

Now, we will discuss the features of the COD Warzone hacks and the features are really awesome. The hacks available on our website are now only for the pc version. You can read the steps and other information about the hacks and mods below.

COD Warzone Aimbot

COD Warzone aimbot hack is the popular hack available in our free version. The hack allows you to aim at the enemies faster without missing a bullet when fire. I like this hack and I am using this cheat on my account (not official). When you download the cod warzone hacks then you will get this feature. And, it works with the latest version of the game without any problem. Aimbot is really important for those hackers who don’t aim properly.

It works well with the game, and there are less chances of getting banned in the game. Well I am sharing free hacks so there are lit-bit chances of getting banned while using cod warzone hacks. You can use this cheat on guest account and it will work perfect. The advantages of using the aimbot is that you will not miss any bullet when you fire at the enemy. This hack is useful when you survived till last. At the last moment this cheat will help you alot, I am saying this from experience.

  • Auto Fire
  • Auto Reload
  • Instant Kill
  • Aim smoothly
  • Choose Aim options

COD Warzone ESP

This is the required hack in any game if they are available for PC or mobile. ESP is really an important hack available in cod warzone hacks. ESP stands for extrasensory perception, this hack is based on C++ language it allows you to located enemies, weapons, health kits, grenades, ammo, etc. Many of you already know about the esp hack, because it is a popular cheat available for almost every game.

ESP hack for cod warzone is really a good option that you will get in the free version of cod warzone hacks. I am using this cheat to located enemies and also to see their health. You can easily activate this hack in the COD warzone by going to the menu and then goto the ESP menu and turn it on. The esp hack will automatically be turned on and it will ask you to choose between options;

  • ESP Player
  • ESP Health
  • ESP Grenade
  • ESP Name
  • ESP Distance
  • ESP Ammo
  • ESP Weapons
  • ESP 360

You can use this hack in cod warzone and there is no risk while using this. This hack is undetected most of the time. Now please make sure that you are using the updated cheats of cod warzone. Because, sometime you guys download cheat that are not updated and face a instant ban while using them. I don’t recommend you to purchase cheats for cod warzone. COD Warzone hacks are available for free on different websites. You can download cod warzone hack from our website for free, there is no fee while using the hack.

COD Warzone Triggerbot

Triggerbot is a similar hack to the aimbot, but the functions of both hacks are different. Triggerbot automatically fires bullets when you move the crosshair on the enemy. This will help you to kill enemies without delay. You can kill enemies without any delay, this is the best thing I like about this hack. And, sometimes you also notice that few players kill you instantly without being noticed. They are using cheats like triggerbot or aimbot. I am not saying that all players are cheaters but a few of them are using the hacks and mods in cod warzone without being noticed.

Triggerbot is not completely like aimbot, but you can use both cheats at same time. Aimbot will automatically aim at the player and triggerbot will fire bullets at the enemy. The advantages of the both hacks are awesome. In cod warzone hacks, this is the only cheat that might give you ban easily. Means, when you kill enemies instantly, the security system use python to detect the activity and if they found then they will ban your account in no time.

  • Auto Fire
  • No Delay
  • Auto Bullets
  • Kill Fixed

COD Warzone Wallhack

Wallhack is a popular cheat or a part of cod warzone hacks. This hack allows you to seen enemies through walls, containers, and other blocks. With the help of wallhack in cod warzone you can easily take over on the enemies. This hack is similar to cod warzone esp hack. The best part of this hack is that it is used for determining the proper location of the enemy. In esp hack you see an option known as Skeleton, the wallhack is similar to that hack. But, it will make all the enemies colorful and makes easier to identify.

The advantage of using this hack is that you will not be killed by enemies behind you or hiding inside the building. You can take over on any enemy with the help of the wallhack. I love this hack and this is the best in all of the above. Wallhack works fine with the latest version of the COD Warzone. You will not get this cheat in future updates.

COD Warzone Radar Hack

Important hack to find drops, weapons and other special items among players. You can use radar hack 2.0 which works fine with the latest version of the game. Radar hack is not the best among all the above cheats. But you can take advantages of Radar hack and it will help show you all the enemies location in the radar.

Basically, I use this for finding drops and the items that we all need. You can use radar hack when you don’t want to use wallhack or esp hack. This hack is optional for me and I think you also think this is useless. But if you like this hack then don’t worry it will be included in cod warzone hacks.

Unlock All Camos

If you are interested in camos and want to unlock them all. This cheat provides you access to unlock all the camos in an online match. You can use this cheat without any problem. It works fine with the latest version of the game, and no one got banned while using this method. COD Warzone camos hack is fine and has many features and camos to unlock for free. But it requires several steps then the main cheat. If you face issues then please avoid using this cheat.

COD Warzone Account Ban?

Cod Warzone Hacks, Cod Warzone Hack Download, Cod Warzone Hack Free

There are chances of getting ban are moderate. In some cases we found that users account got banned instantly. There are many hacks and mods available for COD Warzone. Some of them work properly and some don’t. You have to always download hacks and mods from the trusted source.

Here, I discuss the points that affect the account. You can read them and avoid them as possible. I have shared all the important points and they are really important. You can also share this information to your friends who are using cheats in cod warzone. And, if I miss any point and you think the information here is wrong then please tell me in the comment section below.

  • First, please turn off the antivirus before downloading any cheat. Antivirus and other defender tools don’t allow exploits in the system.
  • Please make sure that you clean your PC before using cheat. You have to re-install the game in order to use it without any problem. I have share information about the above step below.
  • Always make sure that you are using the right version of the exploit or cheat. Some cheats become outdated after few times, some are fixed by the game developers.
  • When you enter in the game please make sure that the internet connection should be stable. Virus and other exploits lower the ping to avoid data check.

How To Use COD Warzone Hack

You can use cod warzone hacks with the help of below steps. Remember that the steps mentioned below varies with the cheats and mods that you are using. We weekly update the cheats and mods, if the cheat is not suitable according the instruction please comment below.

  1. Download cheat from the below download button. Once downloaded please turn off your antivirus.
  2. Now, unzip the file using the password mention below.
  3. Now you need a DLL file which you can download from our website or any other trusted website.
  4. You can download injector from our website. The injector works well with the latest version.
  5. Now close all the running process and please make sure that you turn off the real-time protection.
  6. Run the injector once the game is open, now it will ask you to inject DLL file.
  7. Now browse the DLL and inject using the COD Warzone injector.
  8. You have all done, enjoy.

These are the steps that you can follow in order to use this hack. The steps are easy and if you face any problem you can prefer video on YouTube.

COD Warzone Hack Features

Here are the features of COD Warzone hack. You can read these features if you like.

  • Aimbot
  • ESP
  • Wallhack
  • Speed Hack
  • Skeleton
  • Ammo Cheats
  • Health Cheats
  • Bypass
  • More

NOTE: Below version is not fully compatible with the latest version of the COD Warzone. I personally not using exploits right now.




Is COD Warzone hacks is safe?

Yes and no, I can’t say it in one word. There are disadvantages and advantages of cheats. Your account will get banned once you use them or if you continuously use them, then it will be soon.

COD Warzone crash after using injector?

Please make sure that you turned off the anti-virus before injecting files in the game. Also, use the latest version of the injector.

How to bypass COD warzone anticheat system?

You can use bypass DLL to avoid anticheat system for a while. But once the bypass got patched your account will got banned instantly. You can use injector to implement bypass DLL.

How to use cod warzone cheats?

You can read our detailed article on this topic. I have share steps to use cod warzone hacks and mods. You have to apply those steps in order to use the cheats in cod warzone.

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