Boost Your Games Performance On Android Devices

Boost performance in android devices without any app. No any app is required to boost your device performance for games and video editing. This post contains a few methods which will help you to improve your device performance. I am using these tips to improve my game FPS and many more things such as video editing, rendering, loading time.

If you are a gamer and don’t want your device heat then you can follow my tips. I have mentioned all the required methods to reduce lag and improve game FPS and many more things.

To start this first you need to know how it works, and also does it risk your device? yes, maybe if you do not follow our instructions properly. These methods are available in your android device but you need to know how they work.

There are many websites that tell the best way to use developer options in your android phones. Apple devices are already top-notch in performance.

Android devices basically run so many files in the background, that’s also the reason why your device lag, and sometimes in online games you face ping problems. SO let’s check out all the steps which will help you to reduce lag and boost your device performance.

Boost Performance on Android

  1. To boost your device performance first you need to clear your device junk files. Yes, this is really necessary to clean junk files that create a nuisance on your device.
  2. Now in the developer option choose the MSAA level at high.
  3. Always use your game booster app to run games, never run games directly.
  4. To improve FPS use low-resolution settings or modify them via data files. For PUBG Mobile you can download config files to improve graphics in low-end devices.
  5. If your device heat too early then use a cooling pad or apps which help to get rid of heat. Heat is the main reason behind the frame drops. I have face this issue on mobile phones and computers as well.
  6. Never clean your temp files, removing junk files is okay but remember if you remove the ‘temp’ files then all the games and apps will load more slowly. This is because temp files contain the app data in RAM that helps the processor to load apps and games fastly without any error.

These are some methods that I follow and they help me to get rid of lag. I don’t know they will work in your devices or not, but I follow them and that’s the reason I share this with you. If you facing too much lag then changing your device is a great option.

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