BGMI ESP Hack Free (v1.8.0/ Aimbot/ Mod Menu) 2022

BGMI hack is here. B.G.M.I esp hack latest version download for free in your android/iOS devices. Battlegrounds Mobile India hack is a requested cheat that I am sharing with you guys. In this post we will discuss the features of BGMI Esp hack and much more. The new latest version of bgmi hack contains more cheats than the previous any other version.

This hack is antiban and there are less ban chances. It is not fully anti ban but it will not give you ban easily. Me and my friends are using this bgmi hack on our guest account.

We all are satisfy with this version. This esp hack works well with season 19 also. There are rumors about 1.8.0, that it won’t support ESP. That isn’t true. You can download the hack and test it yourself and tell us that the hack is awesome or not.

What is BGMI Hack?

BGMI Hack is a coded app that cheats the game in Android/iOS devices. With the help of BGMI hack you can easily see player locations, drop locations, weapons and much more. Many users are using the esp hack to push their rank to conqueror.

BGMI Hack also allows you to kill enemies smoothly and easily. With the help of the BGMI hack you can do such things that are banned by the game developers.

In this post, we will discuss the features of the BGMI esp hack. As we all know, cheating games in android device is easy by using an .apk file. Before this we shared esp hack for PUBG Mobile which is similar to BGMI.

Battlegrounds Mobile India is the new name of PUBG Mobile India as we all know. My point is that, if you are using antiban esp hack on your PUBG Mobile Global then it will work in Battlegrounds Mobile India also. You can read more about this on our post.

BGMI Mod Menu Apk

BGMI Mod Menu apk is a modified version of the original apk. The modified version apk contains esp hack, aimbot, wallhack, and other cheats.

Why we called it mod menu? because when you open the game you open a menu which is added by modified the original apk. B.G.M.I mod menu apk is free to use and you can download it from our website.

There are benefits of using the BGMI mod menu apk instead of the lua script. While we know that lua scripts are more secure than other mods.

BGMI Mod menu doesn’t required virtual space or dual space. You can use it directly without any problem. Last summer, we all use the popular walter black for the PUBG Mobile and that works awesome.

We called it the pubg mobile mod menu as same this is the BGMI Mod menu. It works with the latest version of the game. The mod menu of Battlegrounds Mobile India contains all the cheats and mods, so you don’t have to download any external injector.

BGMI Mod apk download link is here. You can download it and use it on your android mobile. I don’t recommend this hack on your official account.

Please use mod menu only on the guest account. Last time I got banned while using the mod menu in BGMI for 10 years. You can subscribe to my channel for more about the mod menu.

NOTE: Don’t use BGMI hack on your official account. You can use this hack on guest account without any problem.


BGMI ESP hack is also knows as Battlegrounds Mobile India Extra Sensory perception hack. What does this hack do? it provides the location of your enemies, items, drops and many more. You can also see enemies health and damage when you are in fight and using the esp hack.

It will be easy for you to locate enemies and kill them without letting them know. ESP hack in BGMI is a great choice and it is also a type of antiban hack.

ESP hack contains its sub-features that we will discuss below. ESP is antiban but you can also prefer wallhack which has similar features. But this hack has more benefits like health esp, 360 view, and many more.

You can prefer this hack only if you are willing to take a chance of ban. I am not sure what will happen after using this hack. If you got caught by your enemies while using this hack then your account will got banned easily.

  • Line ESP
  • Box
  • Weapons
  • Items
  • Drop Location
  • Player Health
  • 360 View

BGMI Aimbot Hack

BGMI Aimbot hack is another popular hack you will definitely see in all the version of BGMI hack. This hack is not fully antiban, because it allows you to aim properly without missing a bullet. Aimbot will give you ban if you are using free version of the BGMI hack. You can use this hack when you are you in close combat.

Aimbot also helps when you are taking down enemies in car. There are other hack types similar to aimbot which works fine. You can also use magicbullets with aimbot if you want. Well, magicbullet is the best option I will prefer. Because there is less risk and more damage.

Aimbot totally based on your device senstivity. If you are gyroscope player, then it will be hard you to use Aimbot. This hack aim at the player and if you moves your aim after aimbot aim, then you will miss the target. BGMI aimbot hack is free but still has chance of ban.


Wallhack is gives you a x-ray vision of the player. This is the best BGMI hack you can use right now. You can use it with the esp hack apk or LUA script (coming soon). Wallhack gives you a proper detailed of the player. You will see like x-ray while using this hack.

BGMI ESP hack is similar to the wallhack, but there is a little difference between both of them. Wallhack only gives the location of players, while ESP gives you other options too. Now it totally depend upon you that which one you prefer.

ESP and wallhack are both undetected hacks for BGMI. You can download both of them from our website. Well, wallhack is not available in the bgmi mod menu apk. You have to use this hack through the LUA scripts.

No Recoil

No Recoil, this hack made for the noobies. BGMI No Recoil hack allows you to shoot bullets without any recoil. As we all know that 7.62mm guns are the recoil king. You can use less recoil/ no recoil to lower they recoil.

It will work and the chances of getting banned are also low. If you are in high tier then make sure that you are only using the less recoil hack. No recoil will give you ban, while less recoil do not, because in less recoil you change the sensitivity which is less detect by the game.

No Recoil is a great choice for you if you face problems in controlling recoil. I don’t recommend this hack for gyroscope players. Gyroscope players will face problems while using the no recoil hack in BGMI. This is because the gyroscope will change the aim every time you try to connect your bullet.

Speed Hack

What does speed hack do in BGMI? speed hack, allows you to move fast than your average speed. You don’t have to worry about any zone. You are the flash right now in the game. Speed hack changes the speed and it feels lag when you will use it. This is because the frame in the game render according to normal speed.

The second reason for this is to save your account from getting banned. When we find values of speed hack, we don’t do these things. Like saving your account from getting banned. But the antiban values of bgmi hack protects you from getting banned.


BGMI UC hack is not possible and everyone know this thing. In this paragraph I will explain you why the BGMI UC hack is not possible so in future you will stop wasting your precious time. When you purchase items in the game through UC, they all are store at the cloud servers.

Basically, when you buy UC or Royale Pass, the data stores at the cloud servers. When you change your game settings BGMI asked you to store data at the cloud. The UC purchase system is like PayTM or other payment system. The purchase will only initiate when you pay. So cheating the game main currency is really hard.

You can hack or not? yes, you can hack. There is nothing in this world you can’t hack. For that, you have to modified the original game servers without changing the data. Which is really hard. Once you did this, then you can buy items and many more things. But no one has money to setup a clean server.

How To Use BGMI Hack

If you are a new game hacker, then you should read the mention instructions. Or, if you know how to use the BGMI hack then you can skip.

  1. Download the BGMI ESP hack from the below download button.
  2. Now unzip the file with the mention password, if there is no password then please make sure that you have taken a backup of the original game files.
  3. After that download a best virtual space for your android device. You can use any virtual space.
  4. Install the esp hack and then add esp hack into the dual space. Now add the game into the virtual space.
  5. Now open the esp hack, and then choose the game version, and architecture of your android device. This esp hack supports 32bit & 64bit of BGMI.
  6. Now open the game and please make sure that you are using a host file.
  7. Now use the hack in the lobby or when you enter in the game.
  8. You have all done, enjoy!

If you still do not understand and have problems then you can prefer to this article. I have mention all the different steps in the same article.

Features BGMI Hack

  • Aimbot
  • ESP
  • Magicbullet
  • No Recoil
  • 360 View
  • Speed Hack
  • Wallhack
  • More

There are more features than the above mentioned features. You can download BGMI hack from below button.


How to download BGMI hack?

BGMI hack download link is available on our website. You can download it and use it for free.

Can we hack UC in BGMI?

No, you can’t hack UC in BGMI or other version of PUBG Mobile. UC is protected and the data stores at cloud server in Singapore, USA, Russia and India.

BGMI ESP hack is antiban?

The version of BGMI esp hack is antiban for the latest version. In future updates we will update so you can use it without any ban.

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