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Apex legends mobile is coming soon as it is officially announced by apex legends community. There are many queries related to this game like how many GB is apex legends and release date of apex legends mobile and much more. Apex Legends is a free heroic game developed by Respawn Entertainment and released by Electronic Arts. The game was released by Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in February 2019, and Nintendo Switch March 2021. The game also supports platform playback gaming.

Apex legends is very popular pc and console game because of it’s graphics and animations. It provides you battlefield by which you can play against players and compete with players around the globe. Apex legends mobile is coming soon as it was officially announced by official apex legends community.

Below given is some information about general things of apex legends. These information is collected from playstore according to beta version of apex legends mobile.

Apex Legends Mobile

Apex legends mobile Release Date – Still under testing.

Apex legends mobile is one of the eagerly waited and one of the best themes game which will be arriving for mobile. According to the latest post from the game authorities of apex legends, it is mentioned that the game will be not arriving for everyone soon. It means that not every player or person who wants to download apex legends mobile will able to get the game. Andrew Wilson, chief executive of Electronic Arts, said that the game apex legends will be arriving on mobile phones soon. It was officially announced by wilson that the game will be arriving by 2021 on android mobile with great features and smoothen gameplay.

Wilson, commented that like all other mobile games, we have started a smooth start for apex legends and soon we will be launching beta version like other games to ensure the experience of the players and also to modify the game according to audience and their gaming domain.

According to Jemwer, the game is in a closed beta phase, which developers and publishers see as a restricted way to test early access to the game, often choosing a short list of game testers that respond to game information and iron bugs. This usually provides a way to open the beta test, which has a large number of users. Also, when working with closed beta testimonials.

Guessing, Apex Legends M is expected to release as a soft launch in December this year, following the public launch of the game in 2022. It is unclear whether the delay is the result of the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic, which is affecting the market and many other things. It is sure that the game will be taking a great position in android gaming after its launch, standing next to the likes of Battlegrounds Mobile (India’s updated PUBG Mobile), Call of Duty: Mobile and Garena Free Fire.

You can download beta version available on web for apex legends mobile and also you can register for the game so that you will be notified when the game is arriving or arrived.

How many GB is Apex Legends Mobile

The game size of apex legends or how many gb is apex legends mobile is not known yet. According to the information, the size of apex legends varies with device to device. It is not officially announced by game community about the size of apex legends M.

The download size of the beta version of the game is 1.34 GB and near about this. But it is not the actual game, it is beta version of apex legends with less number of players and features. Many websites spreading wrong information about the size of apex legends mobile and claiming that you can download it from play store although it is not available on play store as you can check but the outbound link of apex legends mobile given in starting of blog.

Requirements for Apex Legends Mobile

There are no any confirmed requirements announced yet. Requirements varies from device to device for the game. You can check it only when the game will be released.

Apex Legends is currently being developed and is being developed to work on various devices. Beta is available directly for phones running Android 6.0 and above. The mobile devices supported by this trial do not represent the original version, and will support more models in the future.

Apex Legends Mobile Gameplay

Everyone is talking about that can the gameplay of apex legends M beat the games like call of duty or PUBG mobile. Apex legends is also an battle royale game just similar to other royale games. It has many features similar or different to cod and PUBG mobile. You can check gameplay of some youtubers although we are providing you some images regarding to gameplay.


Features of Apex Legends Mobile

Apex legends mobile is one of the great and fantastic game of gaming era. Now it is more interesting as they are launching apex legends mobile version with great features. Hope that the feature’s of this game will suit your gaming domain and don’t let you feel sad about apex legends mobile.

Get legendry characters with unique personalities and vast variety of icons.

Choose your squad and compete with players around the globe. Compete with other squads and show your skills.

Use different and unique strategy to win the game. Beat players by your strategic battle royale.

Fast-paced battles utilize shorter matches and more exhilarating gameplay
Communicate like a pro and stay in the action with the Smart Comms ping system
Blast your way to victory with the most elite loadout of guns in any shooter.

How many gb is apex legends Mobile?

There is no any official information about the size of apex legends mobile. You can assume its size according to the features which are mentioned above.

When is apex legends mobile coming out?

Apex Legends Mobile is expected to release as a soft launch in December this year, following the public launch of the game in 2022.

How do I download Apex Legends Mobile?

Apex legends mobile has not arrived yet. You can download beta version of this game from play store. You will get notification about the game when it will be released.

How do I join apex legends mobile Beta?

You can download the beta version of apex legends from playstore. You can register for the game through play store.

Is Apex legends on Mobile?

There is beta version of game has been released by the community and you will soon get the whole game on your mobile.

So that was all about apex legends which is arriving soon. You can check out all the information you need to know and clear all the queries related to game about its size and release date and much more.

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