Among Us Mod Menu (Always Imposter, Speed, Wallhack) Free APKFENT(Info)

Among Us mod menu another game is nailing the game users today. I have already shared a hack script file which is also antiban and working well. But I thought that there are many users who are beginners and don’t know how to cheat the game.

App NameAmong Us Mod Menu
Update2 Days Ago
 Price Free

What is Among Us mod menu?

This mod apk of among us will go to help you to cheat the game without knowing so much. This mod apk has all the features which you get in the hack script file.

Among us Mod apk file works with latest version so don’t worry about another update. This apk is undetected and it contains not so much hack. That’s the only reason why I am sharing this hack apk, that is working well and still undetected by the game cheat system.

Among us, mod apk has always imposter hack, Radar hack, and many more hacks. I have mentioned all the instructions which you need to follow before you begin.

Below we will discuss among us mod menu apk features in breif. If you are not intrested in reading or you know already you can avoid this explanation.

Among Us Mod Menu, Among Us Mod Apk, Among Us


Among us mod menu apk wallhack is one of the most searched hack. Using this hack you can see all the users. If they are ghost or even if they are real players.

Among us wallhack also allows you to move through the blocks or walls in the game. This hack works perfectly with the latest version. But there is a chance of detection so use it properly without being detected.

Among us mod apk latest version has a wallhack. You activate wallhack in among us mod apk by clicking on wallhack.

Always Imposter

Always Imposter hack will allow you to kill enemeis faster. You can also take advantage of this hack to make fun of your crewmates.

Among us mod menu apk always imposter hack works with the latest version. This hack is also one of the most popular among us hack. Using this hack you can easily win the round or you can force crewmates to quiet the game.

Among Us always Imposter hack also hide you so no one knows who hit them. This hack used by many popular YouTubers to win the game easily.

Super Eye

This hack allows you to see properly even if the lights are not there in the game. You can use this hack to easily see whats near you.

Among us mod menu apk has super eye builtin so you don’t have to enable it. After using this hack you can also take advantages of instant kill.

Among us super eye or vision hack will helps you in every position. No any player can hide from you when you using among us mod apk super eye hack.

Instant Kill

Among us mod menu apk instant kill will helps you to kill enemies even faster than you do. This will not easily detected by the game.

Among us mod apk instant kill hack allows you to finish all the crewmates easily. This hack will increase your speed of killing as fastest as possible.

I am not a big fan of this kind of a hack but if you wanna use you can. This hack will speed up so fast that no one can see you or they don’t know who hit them.

Unlimited Skins

Skins are an important part of your character in an online game. If you don’t have skins in among us. Then you should try among us mod apk.

In this AU mod menu apk you will get the features to hack skin. Using skin hack you can easily change your skins in the game in real time.

If you are in a match or want to change your skin then simply click the skins hack and choose your desired skin. Among us, skin hack has limited skins so you will not get what you deserve.

Unlimited Money

Unlimited Money! name is enough to tell you guys what the hack is about. Among us, the mod menu apk has unlimited money which will help you to buy items in the game.

If you are interested in buying skins and or other elements, then you can use us mod menu money hack.

Among us, the unlimited money hack doesn’t work with the latest version. So if you put your bid on among us unlimited money hack then you will not be happy.

Unlimited Money hack has some limitations which you will know by yourself. This hack may not work on your android device because there is a function you need to activate.

No Kill Cooldown

If you interested in eating whole the lobby then you should try this among us no kill cooldown hack. This hack will allows you to increase your kills and points.

This hack not work with our among us mod menu apk because it is detected several times by the game. Using this hack you can take lot advantage but your account will got banned.

I also don’t recommend you any hack that not safe your account and affect your data. If you still wanna use this hack then you can download it from the below button.

Ghost Hack

Among us mod menu apk ghost hack feature will help you to see ghosts. If you have not used this hack earlier then you should give it a try.

Using this hack you can ghost easily. This hack also allows you see chats of the ghosts. This is one of the best hack in all the game hacks available in among us mod apk.

Among us mod apk ghost hack feature will give a shock to all the ghosts. Because they will not even know who reading their chats in the game.

Proxmity Chat Hack

Yeah, this feature will helps you to talk to your nearest user. This hack mainly allows you to chat without an emergency meeting.

That makes these features quite interesting and works without any issue. You can easily chat with your friends by chatting with the nearest user.

Among Us Mod Menu Apk, Among Us Mod Apk

How To Use Among Us Mod Menu Apk

  • First download Among Us mod apk file from below link.
  • Now uninstall your original game version apk and install the mod apk.
  • Now open your game and click on mod menu.
  • Now choose your desire hack and click on apply.
  • Enjoy!

These are some simple steps which you need to follow before you proceed to download. These steps are compulsory, otherwise your apk will not install if you do not remove the original version of the apk. I have also mentioned all the features which you will see in this mod apk.

Below I have mentioned all the features of among us apk. You can read them to know which hack will you get in the among us mod apk.

Among Us Mod Apk Features

  • Speed hack
  • Clear vision
  • Radar hack
  • Unlock Skin
  • Always Imposter Hack
  • Max Light
  • No Skill (CD)
  • more.

There would be lot to explore, download the mod apk file from below download button. If you have not read the instructions yet, then read the first otherwise you might counter some errors.




How to get among us mod menu?

You can get among us mod menu apk on our website. This mod apk working priperly with the latest version.

How to install among us mod menu?

To install among us mod menu you need to remove your original apk. After that install the among us mod menu apk.

How do I get mod in among us?

To get mods in your among us game you need to install among us mod menu apk. This apk allows you get mods in the game without external injector,

How to download among us always imposter mod?

To download among us always imposter hack you need to first download among us mod menu apk. You can download it from our website.

After downloading among us mod menu apk simply install it. Once installation over, run the among us mod menu apk and choose the always imposter hack.

How to open mod menu in Among Us

To open mod in the game you need to first intall among us mod apk. If you have already using among us mod menu apk then you need to click on the floating mod icon.

Then after a window of hacks will appear and then choose your desire mod. This method works with all the version of the game.

Is mod menu working on among us?

According to me, the mod menu working with the latest version. Many user this mod menu to cheat game without getting banned.

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