5 Top Google Photos Alternatives with FREE Storage

After the recent update by Google stated that the free storage of Google Photos will be counted in the 15 GB storage of the Google account, everyone is looking for free cloud storage online. As Google automatically backs up the data in that 15 GB of storage, it is difficult for everyone to clean that.

Some users even use multiple google accounts to increase the storage, However, don’t worry we have already gave the best solutions on how to get unlimited storage storage on google photos.

We have listed all the alternatives of Google Photos with free storage so that after reading this no one needs to worry about cloud storage any more.

Alternatives Of Google Photos

Google Photos alternatives


Mediafire is one of the best alternatives of Google Photos, you can upload photos, videos, pdfs, docs, and each and every kind of file without any trouble.
Mediafire provides 10GB of free storage only.

Pcloud | Google photos alternative

pCloud provides 10 GB free storage for new accounts and I guess it’s great for photos, you can upload photos upto 10GB which is more than enough, you can also create new accounts without any hassle.

best google photos alternative


Mega is said to be the best and the biggest competitor to Google photos, it provides a massive 50GB of free account storage.
You can upload 50GB of HD videos, HD pics, and all other media stuff, you can also share them with anyone.


Icedrive is a very fast and safe cloud storage for all your photos and videos. It provides you with the best 256 bit technology so no one will view your media stuff without your permission.

5 best photos alternatives

Dropbox provides you with 2GB of free storage, I know, I know it is much lesser than other alternatives but you know it is free afterall.

Wrapping Up

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