5 Best To-Do List Apps With Homescreen Widget (Android)

To-Do List apps help us in managing our daily tasks without any confusion. These apps also help us in utilizing our time to the fullest. Many people forget the things they had to do, but if you write it somewhere, then you will never forget it and the task will be done according to your convenience.

There are not many cons of Android OS, however, not giving a good default to do list app is much of a concern for many users. People try searching for them but there are over 100k options for to do list apps. So which one you must choose? Which one is the best? and which apps have a home screen widget too? The answer is here, we have made the list of best to do list apps according to us for Android.

We have also written a post on how to check your daily usage on Android.

Best To Do List Apps For Android

1. Todoist

Best To Do List Apps for Android

One of the best to do list apps in the Android market is here. User Interface is the best, available for every platform, navigation is easy and colors are also available.

There is offine mode, tags and inboxes also for task sorting. Wear OS support and supports Google Assistant too, and you can also see your daily progress in the karma system.


Easy navigation, Best user interface, home-screen widget, Materialistic, Supports usage on Google Chrome also.


Some features are free but it costs 3$ a month for usage of premium features

2. TickTick

Best To Do List Apps

TickTick is not a very famous or well-known app. TickTick’s design is very practical and does not have unnecessary features. It also provides a home screen widget.


Easy navigation, No hoch poch features, offline mode, home screen widget


Some features are free but it costs 2.40$ a month for pro pack

3. Microsoft To Do

Best To Do List Apps with homescreen widget

Microsoft To Do comes third on our list, it is so easy to use and manage that we couldn’t resist ranking this one. Microsoft bought Wunderlist in 2015 and Microsoft To Do is the end result of it (and its good).


Great colors, Adding tasks is easy, home screen widget, it is free of cost


Some features like collaboration are not offered

4. Google Tasks

Best to do list

With integrations with every google app, this one is the most convenient out of every app. Tasks can be organized by due date, name or lists.


Dark theme in-built, price is free, integration with Google apps, home screen widget


Not as dynamic as the Microsoft to do, has lesser features than iOS version

5. 2Do

To do list apps with widget

2Do comes with the best and colorful home screen widget with a lot of features. You can sort your tasks according to Lists, projects, sub-tasks, due dates, tags, and even custom smart lists.


colorful widgets, home screen widget


Pro version costs a massive 10$ a month

Wrapping Up

We have listed our top 5 best to do list apps for Android OS, hope you found out your companion for your daily tasks.

If we left out on something please comment down below. Hope you liked it, keep sharing and keep reading our blog.

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