5 Best Sleep Tracking Apps for Android (Free)

Who doesn’t want a good sleep, everyone is anxious nowadays but nobody wants to get proper sleep. Everyone is only talking about their health problems, yet people don’t track how good their sleep was.

A study says 80% of headaches can be cured just by good sleep, so why not track our sleep and rest to the fullest. People who sleep less than the recommended 8 hours are more likely to diagnose chronic diseases like diabetes, anxiety and depression, etc.

Our hectic schedules do not allow us to take proper rest but yes we can definitely do some work to protect our sleep, get ready to know about the 5 best sleep tracking apps for Android that are absolutely free.

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Best Sleep Tracking Apps For Android

Sleep as Android

Sleep as android | best sleep tracking app

Sleep as android comes first on our list as it has smart alarm also. As evident from the name, this app is only available for Android. It promises to improve your sleep by tracking your sleep cycle.

At the end of the day, it also shows your graph about your sleeping manner. It can also detect snoring and talking while sleeping. The only con is that comes free for 14 days only after that it charges a small fee.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Sleep cycle alarm clock

Sleep cycle alarm clock is literally the simplest of all sleep tracking apps. The user interface is buttery and navigation is easy so you can find everything on the home page itself.

Like Sleep as Android, this app also provides your sleep graph, detect voices, and detects vibrations, etc.

Runtastic Sleep Better

Best sleep tracking apps

This app is very detailed, it includes your alcohol intake and sugar intakes too. This app is completely free but comes with ads. Runtastic has a smart alarm clock so it reminds you everytime with an alarm if you are over sleeping.


Best sleep trackers for android

Another clean app with very much same features as the above alternatives. The smart alarm is designed to wake you up during NREM sleep. You can set multiple alarms at a time which is also a nice feature.

This app is free and also comes with features like auto-silence and airplane mode. It comes with cloud storage too, that too is a great feature.

Alarm Clock Xtreme

Best sleep trackers for android

Alarm clock xtreme’s name is alarm clock because it is an awesome smart alarming app, however, it is updated with sleep tracking features too.

It is free, it tracks sleep, it listens to sleeping audios, and distortion, etc.

Wrapping Up

We hope that you found your best sleep tracking apps for your Android device. Hope you liked it, keep sharing our blogs with your friends and family.

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