4 Best Secure Alternative Messaging Apps Like WhatsApp [2022]

Hello everyone welcomes to our blog, today I am sharing four alternatives of WhatsApp. These apps are good and even more secure than WhatsApp. You will not face any kind of privacy and data breach issues.

I am sharing this post because WhatsApp’s new privacy law is not appropriate according to users. Now it’s time to shift to a better app and some of the apps you already know are listed below. I am sharing this post to enhance user protection regarding messaging apps. I have shared their info and you can get all the apps on the Google play store.

Basically, it’s hard for users who use WhatsApp as their business app and there are so many users that are connected to your account. I know this will not be a solution but today I am sharing 4 apps that will help you when you going to switch WhatsApp. Now if you don’t wanna use any of the below apps then its your choice but I recommend you check them.

1. Signal

The signal app is also one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp and it was developed in 2014. Basically, this app was not so much popular but it got user’s attention when the Elon Musk tweeted ” Use Signal instead of messaging apps”, after that this app got millions of downloads.

Nowadays many huge brands shifted their brand’s support to Signal. Signal Interface is nearly similar to WhatsApp and it is better encrypted as compare to WhatsApp, now how? in WhatsApp app your backup chats are not encrypted basically they store in your google drive but if someone got access to your Gmail, he/she has full access to your chats or your history.

2. Telegram

Telegram is one of the best alternative app of whatsapp in our app list, this app provides you a better option to manage your files and chats.

This app is nice and it works so smoothly which helps the users to get good feedback. Nowadays this app is one of the most popular messaging apps.

In this app you have the option to share your files in both forms compressed and non-compressed. In Telegram the group limit is up to 200K which is better than WhatsApp and other alternatives.

The file limit would be ‘1.5 GB’ if we compare it with whatsapp in which media share size is ’16MB’ and the document size is about ‘100mb’. In this app you have to turn on encryption by the help of secret chat.

On Telegram you can create your own channel on which you can get subscribers or followers. This will help you to increase your views on YouTube or your website.

3. Viber

Viber is also a good alternative of WhatsApp messaging app but mainly users use it for calling. Viber is a good app because it allows you to video chat with your friends even more clear as compared to other apps.

But when WhatsApp enters the market it affects the download and Users of Viber. Viber is a decent app and it is end to end encrypted which is a good point.

In this app, you get the option “Viber Out” basically it helps you when you are out of the network area. Viber is a good and classic app and you can prefer it if your need meets with this app.

4. Jio Chat

Jio Chat is an Indian app that is similar to WhatsApp or you can say the best alternative. Jio Chat is also one of the best app and it is a similar app to WhatsApp. You will get all the features that you use on WhatsApp and it also allows you to send 100 Free messages without any data. Jio Chat is good and reliable app and it is developed by tech giant Jio. This app has doesn’t have so many users and there is no update about user’s encryption.

So these are the top four apps which you can prefer instead of Whatsapp. I am using Signal app and instead of WhatsApp because it user interface is better than other apps. A telegram is a good option for those who are interested in starting a business.

Telegram will allow you to create groups in which you can add members up to 200K which is also a good point. I prefer Signal and Telegram for users who shifting their account on other apps. And I think that you already have an account on Telegram.

If you have doubts regarding app of these apps you can ask us in the comment section and if you know any which is better than these four apps tell us.

The hike is also a good alternative but Hike Team decided to close the app in the end of January 2021. This is also a piece of bad news for Hike users, Hike users only spending less time on the app which the Hike Team didn’t expect.

Which app is best alternative of WhatsApp?

There are two apps on which you can rely on, Signal and Telegram are one of the best alternative apps. Both of the apps have simple UI/ UX and easy to operate. Both app are end to end encrypted and are trusted in terms of privacy. Signal and Telegram are already one of the popular apps.

What can I use Instead of Whatsapp?

You can use Signal app if you really want an app which nearly similar to whatsapp. This app will provide you almost everything which are in whatsapp. Signal not allowed you to publish stories maybe this feature available in future. Signal app is a best you can use instead of whatsapp.

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