15 Best Unknown Roblox Games (2022)

Roblox online game has gained popularity among gamers. The online multiplayer type video game allows users to create their own virtual worlds and thus, can interact with others. Are you new to the platform? No problem, I will tell you which ones with the best unknown Roblox games to try for free.

It should be noted that all Roblox games have an online format, and are divided into types: popular, trends, recommended, best rated, etc. The vast majority are free, but there are some that you can enter with payment. What are the best unknown Roblox games online?

Best Unknown Roblox Games You Have to Play

As with any platform, Roblox also has several games that are overshadowed by more popular titles. In this article, I have listed the 16 best unknown Roblox games in various genres that, despite being of the highest quality, still don’t have the recognition they deserve. List of Best unknown Roblox games here.

1. Hellreaver Arena

Hellreaver Arena is an FPS with graphics that don’t even look like Roblox. The game bets on a more hardcore approach with a lot of speed and kills, which happens with very few shots. The gameplay is very fluid and resembles Quake or Unreal Tournament. And the game also has several customization options for weapons, in addition to receiving constant updates.

2. Super Bomb Survival

Super Bomb Survival is a fun game where you enter a multiplayer scenario with the objective of surviving bombs that fall from the sky. During the matches, you can interact with different elements of the map, use abilities, destroy the scenery, and much more.

3. Fantastic Frontier

Fantastic Frontier is one of the best unknown RPG Roblox games online. The game has everything a fan of the genre needs, with a large open world, various skills and items, a crafting system, a pets gardening system, many bosses, and a so large content in general.

4. Zombie Uprising

1st and 3rd person shooter in which you fight against hordes and hordes of zombies, including giant bosses. Gather resources to unlock dozens of weapons and customizations. The game has several modes, events, maps, ranks and receives constant content updates.

5. Field Trip Z

This free game is in the category of horror and mystery. You may have Roblox have a friendly design with children, but has oriented maps fear and horror for the bravest. In Field Trip Z, a city is invaded by zombies, and you will have to survive to save it. At the start of the game, there will be 5 people, and the only way out will be a defensive plan.

6. Banana Eats

Undoubtedly disturbing, but not totally terrifying. It is Banana Eats; you must escape from a huge banana to avoid being eaten. Although it seems crazy, your character and other participants will be placed in a setting, such as a school, laboratory, or home.

7. Breakness

Breakness is a horror FPS where you team up with other players on the team to defeat creatures with unique abilities. The game focuses a lot on the atmosphere of tension, with very dark environments and intense sound effects with heartbeat sounds, heavy breathing, footsteps, etc.

8. Adopt Me!

From the role-playing genre in Roblox, this online game allows you to customize the appearance of characters through their looks. You will really have to put a lot of effort into your social life as you will be attending parties, meeting people, and making friends. Depending on how you started (baby or child)? Your character will grow over time. You can also see our post on adopt me pet values.

9. Tower of Hell

Within the category of escape room in Roblox game online, you find this minigame where the objective will be to escape from a fairly extensive tower. The adventure consists of avoiding most obstacles to reach the goal. It is worth noting that you will not have the option to save, and even if you have advanced several levels if you lose, you will have to start from the beginning.

10. Quarantine-Z

Quarantine-Z is a zombie-themed survival game. The settings are directly inspired by The Walking Dead, with several locations referencing the series. The game’s graphics are above average for a Roblox game online. The gameplay is very reminiscent of battle royales, especially since you also need to survive the onslaught of other players.

11. Wave Disaster Survival

Wave Disaster Survival is a game of the natural disaster type. That’s right, although it sounds very crazy, it is a genre that has gained followers on the free games platform. It is so simple, save yourself from the water and do not let it touch you by climbing to the highest of the stage wherever you are.

12. Alone Battle Royale

Alone is one of the best battle royales unknown Roblox game online. The game doesn’t innovate in anything, but it offers everything a fan of the genre can expect: battles between 64 players on a large map, dozens of weapons to collect and customize, many unique items, an achievement system, and the best: constant updates with bug fixes and more content.

13. Speed City

There are Roblox games much friendlier with the youngest users, and thus the famous Speed ​​City was born, whose objective is to become the best sprinter. The longer you are on the move, the faster you can go over speed limits.

14. Anime Fighting Simulator

Anime Fighting Simulator is another free minigame widely used by children. Here you can simulate a fight in close combat or with bladed weapons. For this, it is necessary to train so hard and for a certain time to increase your level of agility and out. In addition, some famous anime characters such as Goku or Naruto will appear.

15. Resurrection

Resurrection is yet another zombie-themed game. Its differential is the absurdly large content, with many maps for you to survive the attacks of monsters. The game also focuses a lot on customizations, including the zombies themselves, so you will find all kinds of creatures to kill.

16. BIG Paintball

Have you played paintball in real life? Well, that free unknown Roblox game online will be like venturing into this dynamic with a fun design. With the paintball weapons, 2 teams will face off (there is also an “all against all” mode) in a kind of Battle Royale.

Final Words

This is the list of the best unknown Roblox games you can play. I will update the list with more new games as soon as I find. You can play these best unknown roblox games till then. I know that some of them are known and played by millions of users but many users still don’t know about these games.

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