11 Best Games Like Minecraft For Free 2022-APKFENT(Info)

Minecraft is a great game and you may be searching for best games like minecraft for free. You are searching for games like summertime saga because you may have completed the game or you want to play something similar like minecraft.

Players bored playing minecraft or with the gameplay and other things. Some of the players started building minecraft clones and playing. But none of the the clones matches the packages and other things same as minecraft or like minecraft.

Some of the game hackers and or testers started making mods and servers plugins of minecraft to change its features and expand its creative possibilities which let you play as thomas the tank engine, or even redesigning the entire game with mods and servers to make the game interesting.

There are lot of games like minecraft which are available for free and you can feel same vibe or may be better than minecraft. You may be wanting games which are similar in graphics or other flavours with minecraft. We are providing you eight best games or you can call similar games like minecraft you can play and enjoy.

Best games like minecraft for free are:

  • Roblox
  • Trove
  • Eco
  • Subnautica
  • No Man’s sky
  • Deep Rock Galactic
  • Stardew Valley
  • Terraria
  • Fortnite: Save the World
  • Starbound
  • My Time at Portia

Above mentioned are some games similar to minecraft or with better graphics and gameplay than minecraft.

1. Roblox

Best Games Like Minecraft For Free

If you spend your time in game like minecraft than the pitch of roblox may be clear to you. The game creation is builded by David baszucki which contains all the maps and other things as minecraft contains.

It also provides much more options so that you can customize your game and you can shape you game according to you which people play on your map. You are free to edit or craft anything and play as racing as well as simulation game.

This feature of roblox made it one of the best choice for games like minecraft.

2. Trove

Games Like Minecraft For Free

Trove is not a type of game which you can play for long hours. If you play this game for long time, you will be bored because of its repitative gameplay. If we talk about short periods, then this game is one the best for passing time and can provide you gameplay like minecraft.

You can play it for short period by making structures or by battling or you can explore or experiments on new classes. There are many and different levels for you to craft through, which varies in difficulty and rewards. This game like minecraft has same spirit of creaftsmanship and creativity which you can show in game.

3. Eco


Eco is added in our list as it takes the foundations laid by Minecraft and develops them to make what seems like an important continuation of those ideas. Like Minecraft, Eco has been used as a teaching and play tool, and for good reason. Everything in this world is interconnected and you have to build a civilization from scratch.

This means that you not only cut down trees to create a place where you can create a variety of recipes, but you also cut down trees where they won’t damage the soil, and you keep the waste generated by your art to a limit. so as not to pollute the water. While there are many ways to play, there is no doubt that the biggest challenge in forming a community with other players is not stopping the meteor from destroying everything.

4. Subnautica


A different kind of Subnautica underwater survival, the future life immerses you in the mysterious and watery Planet 4546B, an ocean world full of hostile life. Like Minecraft, your job as a survivor is to explore the world, overcome dangers and gather resources for building foundations, submarines and new vehicles.

But unlike Minecraft, you will need to keep an eye on your level of health as you dive deep into the ocean and stay fit and healthy! And, unlike a blockchain predecessor, Subnautica also puts in a simple strategy that players will display (or pull out of the water) their homes as they explore. The game also benefits from VR support, giving you a truly focused experience. An independent extension, Subnautica: Under Zero, is also now available for Advanced Access on Steam.

5. No Man’s sky

Games Like Minecraft For Free

No Man’s Sky is a game published by HELLO GAMES. This game revolves around exploration, survival, combat and trading. Players are free to explore or do anything around the domain of the game. The game was lunched for PC and PS4 and after its launching, the game authorities had put concern to make the game as dream game.

The developers added many features like exploring, survival mode, and long story. One of the most pretty thing of this games like minecraft is that it also has online multiplayer mode which is loved by the audience and may be that’s why this game is an ideal pick for games like minecraft.

6. Deep Rock Galactic

Deep Rock Galactic 2

Deep rock galactic is now out for steam and XBOX. It is an 1-4 cops FPS game. It is one of the best FPS shooter game you can play. Explore and dig new features and things which develops more interest in this game.

The core concept of this game is mining which is most important part of minecraft. It allows you to team up with friends, dig into the caves and search diamonds and many other stuff. It also provides you the FPS shooter game experience which will help you experience something new every time you play this game just like minecraft.

You can pierce directly into your target or choose to create branch routes to complete your tasks or whatever they call it. The major problems you have to face is some of the creatures which will try to stop you. The creatures will try to stop you to carry the items but you will get weapons to defeat them in time limit and complete your tasks.

7. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley

In minecraft, farming is also an important part and you can grow crops and play the game nicely untill you have to face a ugly creeper which comes in your way and spoils your land.

If you love farming simulation in minecraft, then this games like minecraft is perfectly for you. The game starts as you as a character inhertis your grandpa’s farm. You have to live in countryside in custom builded home of yours which you can modify and make rooms for animals and also you can do many other things.

In this games like minecraft, you are also given some land on which you can grow, customize your land by making rooms, or you can use it for animals. You will also introduced to the village and it’s people, you can for shoping, fishing and even for mining. Know the peoples around you, make relationship and live happily.

Another way by which you can eliminate any loneliness as you earn money by selling crops and livestock is to make the most of the Stardew Valley players. It really helps to have a few more, erm, hands as you enter the mines and face hostile monsters. Besides, Stardew Valley is one of the most relaxing games for PC, with an experience that will help make the days go by.

8. Terraria

Games Like Minecraft For Free

Terraria game is one of the must listed game in the series of games like minecraft. It is also known as 2D minecraft which provides graphices in 2 dimensions.

This game provides features like exploration, combat with creatures of different types, mining and many more features in 2D graphics. The themes of the games is similar like other games similar to minecraft. You have to grow, occupy land, build mensions and explore and much more. You will come to know many other things about this game after you play it.

You will get different NPC’s when you further proceed in the game. The NPC’s like wizard and nurses will help you complete levels like underground missions, fighting, and many other scenes. Hence, terraria is a game which will not provide you as much exploration which is provided by minecraft but it will provide you many other features related to battles with creatures.

9. Fortnite: Save the World

Games Like Minecraft For Free

Fortnite is a game which revolves around player progression, exploration, scavenging items, sharing resources, crafting weapons, building structures, and fighting waves of encroaching monsters just like minecraft provides. As we all know that fortnite rocks in field of battle FPS games and also fortnite: save the world do.

Fortnite is far away better than minecraft if we talk about its theme and gameplay. It is better than minecraft in every case. The only drawback of this game is that it is not free to play. Hence, many players are also there which feels that this game is out of their domain.

You can play Fortnite: Save The World with up to three friends, and as you return to the dead together you will unlock points to improve your characters. Also, there are regular events that have time to accompany real celebrations such as Christmas, Halloween and Easter, which means you can celebrate with your friends no matter how far away you are.

In fortnite, you dont have to play or fight with other players, instead you have to play together to take fight with zombies. Don’t you think that it sounds like suicide? Anyway, Its and blend of FPS and minecraft by some concept like fighting and building your own foundation as strong as you can. This game like minecraft revolves around building your own foundation, trap building blocks and completing the tour.

10. Starbound

Games Like Minecraft For Free

As the name seems familiar with stars and universe. In this games like minecraft, you have to save your universe, your home form the attack of creatures. You have to play role of heroic journey with aim of colonizing uncharated planets.

Whether you build a beautiful wooden cabinet next to your friendly neighbors, roam the galaxy and destroy it, or shoot the bad guys in the most dangerous corners in the universe, the rich Starbound game is guaranteed to attract Minecraft fans of all kinds because of its game theme and gameplay which is very similar to minecraft and attractive.

Just similar to minecraft, this game provides you tasks of fighting, saving lives but not like 3D as minecraft. It offers 2D gameplay. It provides you ability to jump over planets.

11. My Time at Portia

Games Like Minecraft For Free

The game theme of this game like minecraft is starts form the dissolution of civilization. You have to build new era or rebuild the city of portia after the attack of creatures. This game little bit revolves around humanity.

Even so, you will still take care of your crops, raise your livestock, make friends with your neighbors, and gradually become an expert builder – so not all disasters are dark. Like Minecraft, there are dirty creatures to deal with, so be sure to stay on your toes as you search through the caves and ancient ruins of Portia.

Which game is most similar to minecraft?

The games which we mentioned are very similar to minecraft in their respective features or may be better than minecraft. The games are checked and then we provided you the best games that are similar to minecraft. You can check them out and learn more about these games because these games are very similar or may be better than minecraft in some features.

Is Roblox better than minecraft?

There are many features which are better in both the games. But if we talk about gameplay, than roblox overtakes minecraft because of it’s graphics and endless modes. You can explore many things in roblox from mining to FPS modes.

What are some free games like minecraft?

The most similar games like minecraft than free are:
3.No Man’s sky
4.Deep Rock Galactic
5.Stardew Valley
7.Fortnite: Save the World
9.My Time at Portia

What are Games like minecraft with better graphics?

There are games which are similar to minecraft or even better than minecraft in some respects like graphics and features. You can check out the list which we had given to you in this blog and you we will get to know that which games like minecraft are better than minecraft in some respects.

So this was all about games like minecraft that are free and available on web. You can check them out and choose the best one which suits your domain or the game which suits your criteria of searching for games like minecraft.

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