10 Best Anime Download Websites For 2022 [100% Tested]

The hype of Anime is something that is not going to stop anytime soon. New shows are coming out almost every day.

If you are an anime fan, you should not miss watching your favourite anime shows at all.

If you don’t know where to get your favourite anime, then this post is for you. In this post, I am going to share the top 10 best anime download websites which you can use to download and watch any of your favourite anime shows.

All the websites that I have selected are trusted websites that I use to download anime. They are quite popular so you might be knowing at least half of them as well.

Best Anime Download Websites
Best Anime Download Websites

Best Anime Download Websites

1. GoGoanime.so

GoGoanime is the big name in the anime community. This is the most popular anime website. GoGoanimeprovies you the collection of many anime shows just for free.


GoGoanime is very trusted and safe site to download anime as well. Unlike other sites, it will not show you spammy ads or pop-ups while browsing. (There will be few ads for sure!)

If you are looking for the free website which you can use to download anime, then you can use Gogoanime without any risk or issues.

2. Netflix

Ah! Not precisely is the anime website, right? Yeah! Netflix is an online streaming platform which gives us many varieties of shows, movies, etc. They have also started to launch many anime series on their platform as well.


Netflix is much better options when it comes to Animes. The experience of watching animes in Netflix itself is the king of different. You’ll love it. You can download your show or can just watch it online.

If you think it’s a bit pricey, you can check some ways in which you can get free Netflix accounts.

3. Crunchyroll

This is like the Netflix of anime shows. The streaming platform is dedicated to anime, manga, etc.


Crunchyroll is a popular website that you can get on a subscription basis like Netflix. They do have quite an affordable pricing as well.

The best thing about Crunchyroll is that they are uploading much old anime shows that people still love to watch. That is just another kind of nostalgia that you get with those old shows.

You can give a try Crunchyroll as they are very affordable.

4. Funimation

If you don’t like anything about Crunchyroll, then Funimation is the best alternative to Crunchyroll. Mainly in the design and user experience.


Funimation is the new subscription-based anime site which is become super popular in the last several months.

They are adding some of their exclusive anime shows and building the community around anime. People love to be in a like-minded community.

Funimation gives you much more than just anime shows. You can be part of their community by subscription to Funimation.

5. Animekisa.tv

If you ask me to pick the best free anime download site, then I will always suggest you Animekisa. I just love the layout and design of their website.


They have made it super simple yet attractive. I started hating other sites after seeing this one.

They have made super clean for users and easy to understand without adding extra ads or popups in between.

You will get HD quality anime shows with original, subbed and dubbed format as well. They have categorised it very well.

If you want a clean experience, you should try Animekisa.

6. 9anime.to

If you mostly watch English dubbed anime, then this website has the sorted collection only for best English dubbed animes.


The website looks gamified, and that is a very cool experience as it feels premium as well.

The ads are pretty organised, and they don’t bother you. The navigation through different episodes of the season is easy in this site.

The quick filter section of their website is something which I liked the most. YOu can find the best shows to watch for you using that filter.

7. Animeflix.io

If you want a minimal experience like Netflix with fewer options, then Animeflix might catch your attention.


You can sign up and keep your favourite shows organised in your account. You can make your list to watch it for later.

The only issue that I found with this site is, something site gets stuck when you search for something. A simple refresh will solve that issue, yet it feels terrible when you crash up somewhere.

So, if you are looking for a simple site to use for anime, give a try to Animeflix.

8. 4anime.to

This is the sites that you all will love. This is the website with zero irritation at all.


4anime does not have any ads or pop-ups on their website that is something which many people like.

The site is clean as well; you will like it as it is a very clean experience. This is the best alternative to Animeflix as well. You can make your account and keep everything saved in it for yourself.

If you hate ads, then you must try 4anime.

9. Anidl.org

If you are looking for the best option to download anime, then this is better organised for downloading the shows.


Even if you need to download many shows at a single time, then Anidl is best site pick for you.

They organise the download options for you very neatly. You can choose the quality options and also other download option as well. (You can even get the torrents as well)

10. Kis-anime.ws

If you already know a lot about anime, you might be looking for this site. Yeah, it should be in any anime list for sure.


This is also one of the most popular websites to watch and download anime, manga, etc.

The only issue is that the main site always gets banning. Yet, a simple search as kissanime and you will find the working version of the site at the top.

Other than that, this is also the best choice to choose from. You can get your shows safely and without any issue.

Final Words

There are so many anime download websites out there which you can try, yet the ones which I have provided you are more than enough for you. All the sites are trusted and safe to use.

Don’t use that site which looks suspicious and sites with a lot of pop-ups. Using the sites above, you can even watch the shows online for free without downloading it as well.

Try out a few of the above sites and stick with one or two to use for you.

Do you have any suggestion for anime fanboys? If yes, do let me know in the comments section below.

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